i see there is "Black Freethought" as one of the groups listed on the main page. is there something different about black freethought as opposed to white freethought or just freethought without any race attached? would it be tolerated to post a "white freethought" or "caucasian freethought" group? this is sickening that this is allowed here.

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Checking in with a RAmen!
well... I would agree, but it's not called black atheists. It's called black freethought. I see why he'd get offended... I joined that group because I wanted to discuss on one of their topics, but I'm not black...It has...a little bit of unthoughtfulness in the title.

I don't worry about it though. I'm sure it's not malicious. Just not thoughtful or particularly unbiased 's all.
He has no right to be offended: it's a space in which those who are black free thinkers (or want to know more about free thought influenced by the black experience diaspora) may congregate. Like please, elaborate on how you're offended. And please, do elaborate on how the title is unthoughtful. I would LOVE to see your reasoning on this.
oh! i guess that makes sense a little.

still, it would seem that if one wanted to observe freethought inspired by "the black experience," they should refrain from commenting as not to dilute the cultural aspect of the thought process...

is that what you were saying?
Heh. If I weren't an atheist, I'd say that the "spirit" of Antoyne has entered this thread. Keep that at the door, yeah?
While it isn't offensive...quite frankly, Jill, it's asinine. And anyone inclined to join such a group on Atheist Nexus is not someone I could take seriously. At the most, membership indicates an inclination to the reactionary.

Like let's get real here. AN is majority white. Minorities in a majority space get drowned out when in the mainstream, so their perspectives also get drowned out. Having a separate space within the space ensures that minority voices are heard.

Please tell me you understand this.
I don't get where it's unthoughtful. It's honestly descriptive but not exclusive. Whites are not barred from the discussions mostly about freethought from the perspective of the Black community.
but... it seems like in that case, it... wouldn't be black free thought anymore if whites were allowed.

I understand breaking off to make special interest groups do discuss thoughts influenced by culture... but once others outside are let in... I'm kinda baffled. It kinda contradicts itself.

They don't only discuss cultural kinds of topics either...
This comment should end the entire discussion.
This is bullshit, since the black freethought group grants no special insider privileges and all are welcome on an equal basis. There is not the slightest hint of exclusivity or cultural insiderism. It's as valid a focus for discussion as creationism or New age thought or Hinduism or any other focus of human social organization or endeavor. I repeat, there is no self-sequestering, exclusion, or cultural insiderism or border policing at all. So stop lying about the group I started. Grow up.
Me, too. I don't see any problem with the group or group's name.

One of the lovely, subtle overtones of the post was this sense of "who do you think you are?" with the bitter aftertaste of "why are we (white people) allowing them (black people) to have a presumably non-white space?" This wine mightn't have been the product of the grapes of wrath BUT...honestly...I hate the notes of ignorance.

Before calling minorities racist for daring to come together as a group, examine your anger at the effort. Perhaps your finger points to the wrong direction, and ought not be pointed at all.




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