Why dont atheist experience astral projection the way nonatheists do?

People that arent atheist or skeptical experience astral projection in a totally different way.A skiptical atheist will see the experience as something happening in the brain so that affects the way its experienced. A open minded person experiences a astral projection just like its your spirit getting out into the spirit world,to them they feel their spirit loosening from the body then you get third eyes and begin to climb out of the body. The most an atheist would experience is something simular to a lucid dream. Your not suppose to think its in the brain because that ruins the experience. Ive never heard of an atheist haveing a fully conscious astral projection. Most think its just a dream. To me astral projection feels like your dead and you dont have a physical body anymore. Astral projection is fun,

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If you think of astral projection as happening in the brain then that will bring your spirit/mind back to the body and that limits you to only stuff your brain knows.
I'm amazed to find a discussion of astral projection here in the Atheist Nexus! If you think "you" are leaving your body, you're fooling yourself. Do you use drugs to induce this effect?
Actually, an "open minded" person would assume nothing while experiencing whatever it is you expect them to experience.

If you've already made up your mind as to what is going to happen, you're closed minded like the rest of us. You believe it's a "spirit" leaving the body. Right there you've closed your mind. We believe if you leave your sensory inputs on idle long enough, your brain no longer bothers to relay them. So yeah, we're closed minded, the book has been shut, we already realize what's going on.

And it's not like we're sad that we're not experiencing it any more... we just don't care to try again repeatedly. Time to move on to find new things to try.
Travis, I can't help but notice that you seem to be asking the same question over and over again in different ways.

Basically what it seems to boil down to is you asking if there is still a you past the biological you, does there exist a soul? I am afraid that you will not find many if any on this site who think that such a thing exists. Most if not all of us see that the brain ends with the body, it is as much a part of our biology as our senses are. I am not sure if that is the answer you are looking for however.

Is there something else which we can help you with?
And why, for the love of, uh--dyslexic dog, is this conversation in SCIENCE!!!?
Woo hoo . . . What's it even doing in atheist nexus?
Travis, your posts, your page and the fact that you are 2 days old on here tells me that you may not completely believe you are an atheist. That is OK if you are working on it but you need to put all that superstitious woo woo behind you. I suspect you just need to do some more reading and education to understand science and reality. There are no ghosts, psychics, woo woo, miracles, voodoo, ESP, UFOs, mind readers, fortune tellers, heaven, hell, gods, unicorns, devils, astral projections, afterlife, etc.....

Have you read the God Delusion yet? Visited James Randi's site, http://www.randi.org/site/ or studied biology? Much to learn today.
LOL, that's a great question! Sleep deprivation can do that to you. Certain drugs, maybe even foods can do that 'wtf just happened' feeling etc.. I'd go with adrenaline being a huge factor. Ever take a hill on skateboard about 25mph? Can't really jump off at 30!? Unless you want your body to astrally project horizontally and tragically.
If you actually believe you can astrally project, it would be simple to prove and demonstrate.
And if you can, you have one million dollars waiting for you at the James Randi Foundation, I'd get right on that, not only to get the money, but to advance the understanding of the human condition. So please, demonstrate.
i astral projected once and i know what i heard and saw was real, my perception was enhanced and my memory made it seem as if i really projected. i confirmed with several people in a very credible situation all the info i received. ok my brain picked up sound waves and my brain created a situation from my memory and the sounds and vibrations around me. . the end.
I've seen people hallucinate in the hospital. It doesn't take much to get it to happen. Withdrawal from a drug, dementia, any number of states the body can be in. Surely similar conditions in the brain can be mimicked with enough wish to do so. I believe the brain is very powerful and will do its own bidding if one can tap into the areas responsible. I once talked to a patient who described a near death experience. I can't refute her, but I can chalk it up to drugs and health condition.
I see astral projection as something that is fun to do with the mind. I dont think it has to be spiritual. Even if you trick your mind, for the moment of believing its spiritual just to open up your mind it can bring out alot of interesting things, being as spiritual is just translated in your brain as the unknown. Of course the difference is after its done the atheist hasnt lost their heads while the spiritualist has. They believe its otherworldy while the atheist knows it wasnt.




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