So since this is the Atheist Nexus I'm going to asume everyone is Non-Theist.

Personally god never held much appeal to me, even though both my parents are Christain. When I was younger I'd always sit down and read the bible, of corse it never made much sense. But I saw it as what I was supposed to do, it was more of a chore than real belief. So when I got to the point where I could comprehend what I was reading religion seemed trivial and inconsistent.

I was confused at how a god who was supposably the picture of moral values and humanity could send his son into the world with the intent to be killed. Not to mention that if you don't devote your whole life to him it's straight to hell with you! From then on my doubts started to double and triple until I came to the conclusion that Theisim is B.S.

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I agree if god exists than a number of things (unicorns, bigfoot, the lockness monster, and etc.) might as well exist because you can't prove they don't.
I was like you, it never made much sense but I did it because it was the 'right' thing to do and when I was little I didn't know there was another way of thinking about it. God's existence was an irrefutable fact. But when I became old enough to think for myself. I just thought "none of this really makes much sense" And I just didn't understand why what we called a myth or a story was a religion in another country, what made us right and them wrong? Things just didn't add up. And God never seemed to answer my prayers :P
And God never seemed to answer my prayers

He never answered mine either.
It irks me when people say the good things in their life are from god. For instance: my baby is a gift from god. I want so bad to ask them if we need to go over the birds and the bees again, because that's where your baby came from. Not your prayers to god.

What's a god for?
Ha nice one.
Church as a youth was a reasonably pleasant experience for me, insofar as the people I interacted with and the environment. Indeed, the adults I met were far more decent to me than my own peers at the time. HOWEVER, it was a pure case of "all lecture and no lab." There was all this TALK about God, about Jesus, and so on, but there was NO PERSONAL EXPERIENCE to BACK IT UP!

Eventually that lack of personal experience outweighed anything anyone had to say ... "And so it goes."
If there was some all powerful miracle performing god out there... something would be statistically out of place. SOMETHING wouldn't add up.

... but there's nothing.

Everything is entirely within statistical norms. You can pray all you want, worship all you want, your life will still fall into statistical norms. (With exception to those who might sacrifice themselves... that's kind of a no-brainer).

People who pray die no fewer horrible deaths than the rest of us... their statistics are the same as ours.

We spend fortunes desperately searching for something... ANYTHING that falls outside of statistical norms, JUST so we can try to figure out why...

... still... nothing.

One would think a being who supposedly destroyed kingdoms out of anger over one persons wife, and decided on a whim to flood an entire planet with water (which it doesn't really have enough of to do so)... MIGHT show up as a statistical glitch.

But no... not a peep. Nothing is happening to the religious that isn't happening to everyone else.

Either there is no god, or... if there is... it's found something better to do than pay attention to this rock.
... or hey... maybe everyones worshipping the wrong god, lol.

Either way, no god is paying any attention to you, your religion, nor anything else on this planet for that matter.
The most logical reasoning to that is... because there isn't one.
A favourite quote

"I used to believe in God,then I reached the age of reason" (George Carlin)

My journey from Catholicism to atheism took over 25 years. There was never a definite decision,merley an inevitable conclusion. I went looking for answers and found none.One day I finally realised I no longer believed.

The process was long and painful. It left me with no patience with apologists I run across on internet forums. In real life I walk away from such fools or say very unkind things if they persist. I have not yet physically attacked one with the nearest blunt object because that's against the law.
The sheer complexity of the universe has led me to conclude that it is too unlikely that something even more complex, intelligent, and infinite has always "just existed" for the sole purpose of making it pop into existence out of nowhere.
I read the bible. The whole thing, cover to cover. After hearing about other world religions and learning some basic critical thinking it all seemed a bit suspect.
I have never believed in gods but the thing that clinched it for me when I was younger was learning about different religions. When I saw how many different types of Christians there were, when I saw my father's Jewish family and my mother's Christian family, and when I heard about Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. I quickly concluded that the simplest answer is that they are all wrong. For my wife, it was the hatred and subjugation of women in the Bible that did it. How can a just God want me to be treated less than equally? (she would say). Those types of questions set off a cascade of other questions that quickly topples the whole thing. It must be that those who believe have never really questioned at all.
because god is imaginary. (see



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