I am Irish-Indian. brought up in India. I have been surrounded by Indians throughout my Youth. I have seen them fighting over religion every other day. Everyone pre occupied by superstitions, hypocrisy and everything going really out of track. for them religion comes over humanity. they would, like offer food to god rather than someone who is hungry for a week. Something like this was never expected from a country that is called the spiritual centre of the world. these reasons have made me believe the non existence of god. Even if he exists, he is not to be worshipped we had been doing these years. for me humanity, social bonding, affection is the religion. and i am happy the way i am thinking. i don't visit temples or churches. my spirituality takes me to the service of homeless.

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Congratulations!  Both my parents have been atheists for the 45 years of my whole life, so I do not know what it is like to leave a religion.  I encourage you to help the homeless.  I once tried to volunteer helping the homeless, but I found out the organization (the Agape House) was viciously religious.  I was so sick to my stomach after reading their mission statement that I refused to help.  Anyway, now I am fighting climate change in the U.S., a much more serious cause.  In fact, climate change is an existential threat for not only our species, but plenty of others.

Agreed P.

We have got more issues to fight as a human than just religion and territorial assertions. 

thanks for appreciating my view.


Monte Pirlo

Atheist and spiritually awakened

It should be obvious that religion is used as a method to control the masses.

With coaching from my parents I was to be the new Jimmy Swaggart but I turned out more like Marjoe Gortner.  Today I'm more like Dan Barker in my beliefs. (Look them all up.)

My focus today on god and god belief centers around the scriptures themselves. Many of these writings were not included in the big bible book we have now. Why is this so, and who made the decisions? How were these books looked at 2000 years ago as compared to Evangelical views today? How about the accuracy of the written material? Did a "god" really cause men to write things and why is he in our image?

So much for the Goat and Sheep Herders Guide to the Galaxy. An Abrahamic god no more wrote anything by the hands of men than did Mohammad or others. It's all made up. Trying the different religions for "truth" would be no more than trying every grandmother's cornbread recipe. You might think one is better but in the end they are all cornbread. Gods are imaginary. God belief centers on wanting to know exactly where we came from and mankind's fear of death.

Some things cannot be known unless you make them up. This is why I am done with religion.

You have taken an even bigger step than most Christians. People don't realize how much Hinduism is embedded in every part of Indian culture. I wish you the best of luck!


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