Why I Don't Believe GOD'S Existence As Revels In Religious Books.

Why I Don't Believe GOD'S Existence As Revels In Religious Books.

But, I seeking the proof of existence of God till now. If I get proof of existence of God, I will change my aforesaid Belief. An cordial appeal to you reader please cooperate me to found Proof of existence of God.

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To prove "God" you need at least three things:-

1. Define what "God" is;

2. Give an example of something which if it exists in this world, can only be attributable to the god as defined;

3. Show that such a thing exists.


Can you do that? If so QED, (ie. it's done ~ proved).

I'm not a believer in god, because if I were to think about what god could fit into the current understanding of science(something is always caused
by something else), I can only think of two. One god would have metaphorically put one domino behind another and another repeatedly and
caused a single domino to fall, causing a predetermined evolution of the universe and life itself. Another would have metaphorically rolled a
dice and would have said, "I understand the laws of nature as it applies to a rock, but I don't understand the variables which causes a human
being to behave a particular way or make a specific choice". Many people who believe in god, refer to a world without god and without
"free will", as a world of chance, when in fact, if they're willing to admit that humans are influenced by the environment, then the only other
option is a god who does not understand how people are influenced and therefore would make god a gambler. The reasons why I don't
believe in god or metaphysics is because the idea of god does not make sense intellectually nor do I feel that a loving god would punish
people or gamble them because of variables they couldn't control.

Also, regardless of whether god knows the variables which causes people to behave a specific way, there are still variables. For example,
if a person threw two identical dice two times, and both times the dice were thrown in the same way(direction, lift, spin) with the same
height, wind speed and wind direction and identical environmental conditions then the dice should fall in the exact same way. In fact, such
an event would look like replaying a video of it. In a world were the dice had free will, the dice would fall in different positions despite the fact
that all variables were identical. This may lead people to ask, "if we don't have free will, how come siblings who came from the same
environment end up in different circumstances, one may end up successful and the other may end up in jail?

The best way to answer this is through the following metaphor. Imagine two rocks in top of a mountain and an earthquake happens, both rocks
roll down the mountain. One rock falls in a river, the other falls into harder rocks and breaks into a specific shape(thin,flat). The river rocks
moves with river's currents for many years and becomes rounded. The river rock being round can be easily rolled on the ground, but won't
skip across the surface of a lake. The flat rock can skip across the surface of a lake, but can't roll on the ground. Just like in this metaphor,
earlier experiences lay the foundation for how we will react in particular situations. Earlier experiences lay the foundation for how we will see
the world, and hence how we will react to future experiences. I call this the looking glass, and the looking glass changes depending on the
experiences. e concept of free will is the foundation on which the three main abrahamic religions are built on.


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