I've never watched a superbowl.  I am not a fan of professional sports -- period.  I think they are a waste of time.  I also think they amount to nothing more than sublimated violence (and in the case of ice hockey, it's not all that sublimated).  I also think they are hugely counterproductive.  It's not for nothing that the Roman emperors controlled the masses with pan et circenses.  It was by giving the Roman citizens bread and public spectacles (in Nero's time, the feeding of Christians to lions) that their leaders controlled them.

In modern times, as Eldridge Cleaver put it, the people will never revolt as long as there are supermarkets.  I agree, though I would make it: the people will never revolt as long as they have supermarkets and the Super Bowl.  (Have you noticed how so many people in the stores are stocking up on chips, dips, and beer?  That's so that they can have diabetic or coronary reactions and, when inebriated, curse and beat their wives.)

This year will be super difficult, as I am a fan of The Who, for one thing, and for another wanted to see how far the Dobson Family will go in making abortion look like a capital offense for the abortionist and a stoning crime for the poor pregnant woman.  (After all, is there really any real difference between an American theocrat and a Muslim Mullah?)  That CBS accepted the ad featuring a sob story from a player speaks poorly of them.  Perhaps it should subject the network to what is left of the equal opportunity to respond laws.  Say, Planned Parenthood at no cost.  As I keep suggesting, we need to amend the IRS rule prohibiting support of a candidate by a religious group.  They should lose their non-profit status by merely lobbying for passage of all legislation based entirely on dogma.

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eHarmony is gay - and not in a good way.
If I recall correctly, eharmony is anti-gay, and thus gay.
I hate the Super Bowel too, OOPS! That should be Super Bowl! However, I hate it because I've yet to be a supporter of a winning team!!
Are you sure that's not Stupor Bowl, Rusty?
Me, I'll admit I was soured growing up in Wisconsin as an ectomorph during the Vince Lombardi era of what passed for "sportsmanship." Did anyone else besides me notice the coincidence of Football's acendancy over Baseball at the same time America was suffering humiliation in Vietnam? And, unlike in WWII, professional athletes were exempt from the draft. They couldn't be spared from the greater nned to, I don't know, inspire the rest of us?

I'm sure that professional sports provides a massive amount of charity contributions. However, it coud be argued that charity is an imperfect stop-gap if not an enabler to the lack of actual justice in society - e.g. corporate heads pay huge amounts to play golf with celebrity pros, much of which is donated to charity, and who then pat themselves on the back and never question why they have so much excess income for golf while their employees can't pay their medical bills.

Truly, football provides wonders for society. Here in Georgia as in the OP's Texas, the receipts from high school games provide much-needed funding for academic programs. Nice of them to spread it around generously like that but still: isn't that a sad comment of the state of affairs?
It's a shame they didn't get The Who to play at the Superbowl back in the '70s. It would've been much better with Keith and John. Oh well, better late than never.

If you don't care about the game, you could always record it and just watch the halftime show.
I certainly understand your point regarding the distractions put in our path to take our attention away from the issues that matter. However...

I am a former football player myself so I view the game a bit differently. I know what it's like for someone who truly loves the sport to be playing in the big game. To those who know the game and understand it's strategies it really is amazing to watch two teams compete. The Super Bowl is the game where countless hours of studying, training, and years of recruiting and management strategies finally pay off which makes it a bit different than the gladiators of old for me.

Will I eat chips and dip? Probably. Will I drink beer? Absolutely. I will also wake up tomorrow and listen to my atheist podcasts on my way to work, run four miles, and get just as upset about the state of our nation as you are. And get this... all without beating my wife! The people you are referring to are going to be idiots regardless of whether or not they have something to watch on television.

Oh, and I'm not even wasting my breath on the Tim Tebow advertisement. I'm actually taking pleasure in the fact that his draft status is dropping due to his evangelical antics. Does the ad piss me off? Sure it does. However, I'm not about to let that goofy bastard ruin my Super Bowl.
I agree with most of your points (OP). I use to hate it too. I had a game I played each year, I would see how long I could go without knowing who won. It was kind of fun. I'd tell people not to tell me because I didn't want to know. I think my longest record was two days.

Now I watch it. It is a big spectacle, with amusing advertisements. Yeah a waste of time, but ya gotta watch The Who, right :-)
Played football, love football....and most of the points made have been valid. To each their own.
I couldn't agree more. I'll never understand the mentality of a sports fan. Playing sports is one thing, but watching other people play? It's just the same thing over and over, it's mind numbing. Think about how much money is wasted...why do these sports monkeys get paid tens of millions to do something children play for fun? Couldn't that money be put to much better use?

I remember when the NHL lock-out happened a few years back, I was overjoyed and enraged at the same time. The audacity of the players thinking that a ridiculously high salary cap was unfair...what a travesty.
Have you ever listened to an interview with a hockey player after a game...It's the most entertaining part of the sport, I call it their 'words of wisdom'.

Just my opinion.
Im not normally a huge football fan but the Super Bowl is more than just a game. Its a reason to get together with friends and party. Anything that gets friends together for a good time is alright in my book.


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