I've never watched a superbowl.  I am not a fan of professional sports -- period.  I think they are a waste of time.  I also think they amount to nothing more than sublimated violence (and in the case of ice hockey, it's not all that sublimated).  I also think they are hugely counterproductive.  It's not for nothing that the Roman emperors controlled the masses with pan et circenses.  It was by giving the Roman citizens bread and public spectacles (in Nero's time, the feeding of Christians to lions) that their leaders controlled them.

In modern times, as Eldridge Cleaver put it, the people will never revolt as long as there are supermarkets.  I agree, though I would make it: the people will never revolt as long as they have supermarkets and the Super Bowl.  (Have you noticed how so many people in the stores are stocking up on chips, dips, and beer?  That's so that they can have diabetic or coronary reactions and, when inebriated, curse and beat their wives.)

This year will be super difficult, as I am a fan of The Who, for one thing, and for another wanted to see how far the Dobson Family will go in making abortion look like a capital offense for the abortionist and a stoning crime for the poor pregnant woman.  (After all, is there really any real difference between an American theocrat and a Muslim Mullah?)  That CBS accepted the ad featuring a sob story from a player speaks poorly of them.  Perhaps it should subject the network to what is left of the equal opportunity to respond laws.  Say, Planned Parenthood at no cost.  As I keep suggesting, we need to amend the IRS rule prohibiting support of a candidate by a religious group.  They should lose their non-profit status by merely lobbying for passage of all legislation based entirely on dogma.

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Look - religion, politics, and sports are related in that if you're for the other team you can go to hell. At least with sports everyone knows (or most people) that it's just a game.

Also, while it is total illusion that any team is actually from their host city, the fact that the Saints won this year will do quite a bit for the moral of people who could really use it. Personally, I think it is snobbery to speak out against a past time that you, yourself, don't understand or enjoy.

For some, sports gives opportunities that they would not, otherwise have had. The same is true of music. Considering, for example, that the majority African American communities in North, West and South Philadelphia (East is in the river) don't even have recess in their public schools - no drama, dance, art, or music, either - I think that your experience has skewed your perception as to the value of sports - especially for the impoverished.

When I went to Iowa State - out of 25,000 students - 600 were African American - mostly from inner city Chicago and St. Louis - and the vast majority were there on athletic or academic scholarship. The vast majority of those students didn't go to the NFL or NBA or whatnot. But many graduated and went on to escape the ghetto.

So - if that's how we want to pay for the education of our poor kids - then don't knock it. America - love it or change the channel.

In addition: Have you noticed how so many people in the stores are stocking up on chips, dips, and beer? That's so that they can have diabetic or coronary reactions and, when inebriated, curse and beat their wives.

Yeah - the Super Bowl is responsible for that. Right. Maybe you better blame that on subsidies for corn production not being used for fuel ethanol - such as high fructose corn syrup, etc.
*morale* not *moral* - second sentence.
I don't mind sports so much, I just hate it when the players "thank god" for winning, like the Saint's Quarterback said last night. He said, "it was meant to be" and "it was destiny" Bull pucky.
Actually - deterministically speaking - it was.
(sorry - couldn't help myself.)
Now I feel compelled to rebel and stay up all night!
Lori, you obviously don't watch enough football. God has a lot of interest. That's why he rests on Sunday. I know that the Jewish Sabbath is from sundown friday until sundown on Saturday. He used to be into high school and college ball, but he has evolved into an NFL fan.

The Colts loss is a lot like what He did to Haiti. It's all a test of faith. That's why I'm putting my money on Haiti in the 2015 World Cup. He works in mysterious ways. He kills a lot of people, then gives the survivors some sort of championship.
Hi James,

Excuse my saying so but, for 3 standard paragraphs, that opinion seems meandering . . . from the Superbowl to conspicuous consumption (supermarkets), diet, drunkeness, wife beating, The Who, the Dobson Family, abortion, Islam, religious lobbying and their non-profit status.

The U.S. has a standard of living that allows leisure time. Some might say this is a bad thing and that everybody should be deprived equally. I say, give me sport: violence and all.

Even religious scriptures and other fairy tales acknowledge the entertainment value of violence. I prefer to think of it as a metaphor for the struggle we all face to survive. Sport takes violence and/or aggression and makes its exercise relatively safe for participants and viewers.

Just because you don't like sports doesn't mean that it's wrong or pointless.
hmm, the super bowl was on just because it was the reason for me and my friends to be together. It wasn't the main attraction, and it hardly got much of our attention (different story if it had been the Cowboys), but more of an excuse to get together, drink, eat fajitas, and talk and laugh and enjoy life.

None of us are huge sports fans, although we all can appreciate the talent and strategy involved. We could care less about the town of Indianapolis or New Orleans. We had no interest in the outcome of the game. But we had fun, and will do it again next year. It's like a holiday. A reason to have fun (and to spend boatloads of money on bullshit:ads, food, memorabilia, etc.).

But I understand not all peoples can have fun this way. Some require other means of having a good time. Like listening to the who for instance.

and I'm glad I'm not a fan of the Who. Pete Townsend needs to hang it up. It sounded like he was missing notes on Guitar Hero or something. But that drummer's got nothing on Keith Moon.
^(my personal opinion)^

"The Who" comments fueled by your (OP) tone of snobbery. which is what I don't like about SOME atheists, religious people, intellectuals, liberals, conservatives, or anybody who is certain they've got it all figured out and clearly don't.
I never said that!
They should have street football, there's UFC and bloody battles available why not that?
Must have been all the killthemanw/theball back in 4th grade. Before pagers.

At least take a look at Irish rules football.
Ha! How about hurling?




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