I've never watched a superbowl.  I am not a fan of professional sports -- period.  I think they are a waste of time.  I also think they amount to nothing more than sublimated violence (and in the case of ice hockey, it's not all that sublimated).  I also think they are hugely counterproductive.  It's not for nothing that the Roman emperors controlled the masses with pan et circenses.  It was by giving the Roman citizens bread and public spectacles (in Nero's time, the feeding of Christians to lions) that their leaders controlled them.

In modern times, as Eldridge Cleaver put it, the people will never revolt as long as there are supermarkets.  I agree, though I would make it: the people will never revolt as long as they have supermarkets and the Super Bowl.  (Have you noticed how so many people in the stores are stocking up on chips, dips, and beer?  That's so that they can have diabetic or coronary reactions and, when inebriated, curse and beat their wives.)

This year will be super difficult, as I am a fan of The Who, for one thing, and for another wanted to see how far the Dobson Family will go in making abortion look like a capital offense for the abortionist and a stoning crime for the poor pregnant woman.  (After all, is there really any real difference between an American theocrat and a Muslim Mullah?)  That CBS accepted the ad featuring a sob story from a player speaks poorly of them.  Perhaps it should subject the network to what is left of the equal opportunity to respond laws.  Say, Planned Parenthood at no cost.  As I keep suggesting, we need to amend the IRS rule prohibiting support of a candidate by a religious group.  They should lose their non-profit status by merely lobbying for passage of all legislation based entirely on dogma.

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I'm sure the Super Bowl causes plenty of vomiting.
Hurling, ancient Irish game of semi-warfare.
I don't care for the Superbowl either, or any boring team sport (aside from soccer) for that matter. Just for different reasons. I'm a hardcore boxing, MMA and K1 viewer. gogo violence. :D
Seriously - soccer is the boring team sport you like?
No team sport is fun to watch. Soccer is fun to play, though.
James, I hate football too. I hate the fanatic fans that obsess over college teams of a school they will never or have never attended. A few years ago a man tried to remove another man's testicles over a hat. A hat!!!!!! That had a rival teams mascot on it.
I have a bank card with the logo of the college I graduated from. I'm sick of the stupid jokes of 'i can't accept this b/c it's the wrong color' or some other jab at the football stats. You know what people, there are these cool little places on the campus called classrooms and labs. The only time I stepped foot in the football stadium was for graduation.
I didn't see the idiot ad but heard it was coming.
And....I think hockey fights are fun to watch. I'm going to see rollerderby in a couple of weekends.
I don't mind the Super Bowl. I don't watch sports whatsoever. I watch the Super Bowl just for the functions: going over a friends house, watching the commercials, being social, asking questions about the game. I have to say I had fun, and it also got me in contact with friends I haven't seen in awhile.

There are fans that go overboard no matter what they are a fan of. I used to be in SciFi club and you had those annoying people that have to talk over a movie, or go overboard over a video game loss, or those people that belittle you for not playing a video game or mispronouncing an Anime's character's name. I view some extreme sports fans as such.

I also hate the Superbowl -- I never watch it!

I never could understand what fascinates people about watching sports. Especially sports which involve moving balls around. The sheer amount of money wasted on things like football while education suffers just makes me mad.

Of course, spending my entire middle and high school life being harassed by those morally upstanding foot ball players may have something to do with it, too. Football promotes the mentality of the Neanderthal.

Spectator sports - football, NASCAR, or (in most of the world outside of the USA) soccer - are a means of living vicariously, establishing and honoring rituals, and attaining a tribal identity with one's fellow tribesmen (that is, sports fans).  In other words, spectator sports are a kind of secular religion - which might explain their mass appeal. 




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