I used to be a Christian for over a decade, ever since I immigrated to America, I was brought to church by a bilingual teacher at high school. The people at church were nice and hospital, they had given me a good impression on them. Years later after I joined the services I still remained a Christian, until the time I returned from my second deployment, I faced a lot of pressures from the pastors and the deacons of my church to get more involved with the ministry, even though at the time my goal was to get back to school. Occasionally I would still attend the fellowship and meetings at my college, but the acrimonious remarks they made about gays and certain passages they read which I had not read in the past were just downright brutal. Even though I had been to combat twice, but my character and my disposition never changed. I don't discriminate or judge people by their background, ethnicity or belief. I could not agree with what the bible purports, for some of its contents were not proper to read I thought, it even caused me to develop frictions with some of my former Christian friends and soon after I apostated they all left me no longer wanted to befriend me. Even my church had excommunicated me after I impugned the contents of the bible in front of my pastor calling it an evil book. Now I had been an atheist for over a year, and I continue to make new friends along the way, but I am more happy to feel emancipated from Christianity. I don't want to have hatred, but when it comes to Christianity I can say I hate it to the bone. 

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First, …thank you for your service, second, thank you for not denying rationality in favor of faith, third …thank you for this great post.

"Even my church had excommunicated me after I impugned the contents of the bible in front of my pastor calling it an evil book."

That took guts, ..I bet it felt good to get it out though, if not immediately after, …after a while.

thank you brother and it was good to be able to chat with you the other day hope to see you around sometimes: )

Welcome, brother vet! I'd wear the "excommunicated" label as a badge of honor. I know I do. And, quite frankly, that took cojones to call out the preacher-man. My hat's off to you. Hope to see you around here.

Thank you for the comment. As I recollected back to the incident, I felt I was little mean to the pastor, but all I wanted was to get away from the bible studies. I personally don't have anything against christians, I think they are just being deluded by the book. I will still be kind to them if I ever see them again, and I hope there will be no hard feelings but I will still stand my ground and will not apologize for impugning the bible.

I believed what I did was necessary and had no remorse of it at all, and now I am just being much happier in life to be free from the delusion

Yep. Good for you dude

Excommunication ? Atheism liberates you from such nonsense. Be wary of Christians, though. They can be two-faced, malicious and vindictive. They are judgmental and are confidence tricksters, people who you can't work out and often masquerading as something else. You see, they talk to an imaginary being in their heads and have irrational minds. They can be unbelievable. Be careful while enjoying your liberation.


I agree some of the christians out there are downright hypocritical too, that is another primary reason why I left christianity.

Wow! arguing with an authority figure, and then you called him to the mat for bulls#!t.  Your definitely ready to actively take part in grassroots politics.  Congrats on another big installment on your personal freedom.  Just remember freedom can only be rented for an unspecified time at an unspecified price.  You never know when you will have to make that next payment.

Thanks for the post!  It was very heartening to hear.

thank you and I will remember these words.

Nice to have you on the site. I enjoyed reading your story.

thank you maim for welcoming me to the group : )




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