I used to be a Christian for over a decade, ever since I immigrated to America, I was brought to church by a bilingual teacher at high school. The people at church were nice and hospital, they had given me a good impression on them. Years later after I joined the services I still remained a Christian, until the time I returned from my second deployment, I faced a lot of pressures from the pastors and the deacons of my church to get more involved with the ministry, even though at the time my goal was to get back to school. Occasionally I would still attend the fellowship and meetings at my college, but the acrimonious remarks they made about gays and certain passages they read which I had not read in the past were just downright brutal. Even though I had been to combat twice, but my character and my disposition never changed. I don't discriminate or judge people by their background, ethnicity or belief. I could not agree with what the bible purports, for some of its contents were not proper to read I thought, it even caused me to develop frictions with some of my former Christian friends and soon after I apostated they all left me no longer wanted to befriend me. Even my church had excommunicated me after I impugned the contents of the bible in front of my pastor calling it an evil book. Now I had been an atheist for over a year, and I continue to make new friends along the way, but I am more happy to feel emancipated from Christianity. I don't want to have hatred, but when it comes to Christianity I can say I hate it to the bone. 

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It takes courage and integrity to make the transition that you did, from the darkness of religious indoctrination to the light of knowledge and honesty.  You are admirable and good.  Thank you.

thank you. I used to have the fervency and passion when I first became a christian, but with passage of time I gradually learned that some of the contents of the bible are evil, and I hate the facts that my attempts to be critical of bible of its contents had always been stifled by others until I finally just had enough and had to bring up to courage to do what was right for me. I am glad what I had done had benefited me so much now.

Of course, before you're a true atheist, you need to go through the ceremonial hazing. Does anybody have half a metric ton of trix cereal, a cheap bunny suit and a Bjork album, so we can get this done?

Thanks for sharing your story.

No problem

Welcome to the family!

I, too, would like to say thank you for your service!  It took a lot of courage to stand up to your church like that.  That is definitely something to be proud of.  I also agree with Pat that you should wear your excommunication as a badge of honor.  We should totally get you a cape because you were a hero for rationality that day!  lol  Good for you!



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