Why I Think The Republican Party is the Party of Imbeciles

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Jesten Peters, Florida Pastor, Credits Prayer Group For Sending Tropical Storm Isaac Away From The Republican National Convention (VIDEO) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/28/florida-pastor-credits-pra...

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It's obvious that the Republican party are imbeciles. It strikes me emmediately and without exception.

That woman is such an idiot.

Not all republicans are idiots, just the ones that are on television or the radio.

Pat Robertson did the same thing years ago to pray Hurricane Hugo away from Virginia Beach, as it was predicted. He claims that his prayers and his followers prayers are what caused it to swerve in the last 2 days and hit Charleston, SC. The people in Charleston loved that. I'm sure that some of those people in Charleston were praying Christians too, and I'm sure that there are/were good people in both places. North Dakota has never been hit with a hurricane. Are the people there actually "Gawd's chosen people"? Okay, they get smitten by cold and blizzards.

Why can't a "loving" "omnipotent" and benevolent God just stop creating hurricanes? Why did he create them in the first place? Someone who would knowingly throw such a thing at millions of people is a terrorist and a mass murderer - and we don't worship terrorists or mass murders. Why would someone worship such a God - except that he is "bigger" than they are and is capable of preventing them from being harmed - if he "likes" them.

Yeah, yeah, Gods ways are not our ways. It's an abusive parent saying "do as I say, not as I do"

Sounds more like a cosmic bully to me! Sounds like he's got some other forms of mental illness. If gods existed, they would lock this one up, and then one could prove its existence if it wanted.

Hi, Beth, and again, welcome!

In Heinlein's Job: A Comedy of Justice, the devil, a.k.a. Jerry Farnsworth, accused god of being a poor artist, constantly scraping the canvas and starting over.  As a designer, he's clearly inept, with everything from avocado pits to hurricanes as evidence.  When the maintenance and progress of such a project is dependent on destruction of life and property on the kind of scale we see on planet Earth, the efficiency of such a project is questionable, never mind the empathy of the project manager for his creation.

I wish I had that section of Job available to reprint here; it is that precious, with Yahweh bitching about being inconsistent while he obsesses about fulfilled prophecies, as though they were of utmost importance.  No doubt - Bob Heinlein had that old bastard PEGGED.

When they don't get hit by a hurricane, it's because they prayed it away.

When they do, it's just that god had to make them suffer in order to show how much he loves them, you know?  Don't you know it hurts god to hurt you more than it actually hurts you to die in a hurricane?  It's just like how an abusive parent is so much more traumatized by having to whip the skin off a kid's ass than the kid is to have the skin whipped off his ass by someone they thought was a trustworthy authority figure full of unconditional love.  Serious.

To equate these Republican bozos with imbeciles or idiots is an insult to imbeciles and idiots.  Both terms are archaic descriptions of mental disability- ranging from mild to moderate to profound mental retardation.

Not wanting to be a wet blanket, but I think these politicians are posturing.  I suspect not all (some, but not all) believe what they are saying, and they are blathering their silliness for effect.  Not that I have any proof of any of that.  I'm not even sure I think all of their followers believe the fantasies that they spout.  Some are delusional, but some may just be ritualizing their in-group status and attempting to lead their flocks in a synchronized dance of fawning to one another.

I could be full of cow do do, too.  It's been said before.  

Cow poop is infinitely more useful than Republicans.  I mean, manure is good fertilizer, and it can also be made into eco-friendly planters.  What can Republicans be made into, huh?

Om nom nom.  Nom nom nom.

...Bleh.  Tastes like flatulence.

cult of corporations with money bag in cartelville whaaat?

It's hard to believe that not one of these bigotards have the brains to ask themselves "why didn't God just make the hurricane go away entirely?"  But then again, "hurricane" and "entirely" both have more than two syllables each.

At least THEY work for a living!

"Imbecile" does not even begin to describe this level of stupidity.




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