Why I Think The Republican Party is the Party of Imbeciles

Huffpost Religion:

Jesten Peters, Florida Pastor, Credits Prayer Group For Sending Tropical Storm Isaac Away From The Republican National Convention (VIDEO) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/28/florida-pastor-credits-pra...

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Nice to see that Christian compassion.  Or did they miss the damage that Isaac did to New Orleans?

Slapping her face would be the only appropriate response. -_-

Not that it either matters or has any impact, but I suppose there were no similar prayer groups in Mississippi or Louisiana.  Maybe they should have prayer CONTESTS to see whose prayer group is the most righteous ... or the most full of shit... [grumble]

Back in my Wiccan period, I actually accepted the legend that British witches did spells to blow up the storm that took out the Spanish Armada.  Sheesh, what a gullible fool I was!

Reminds me of the author who said the football team with the "best prayer's" would surely win.

I knew this was coming.  When they pray for a storm to go another way, exactly who do they want it to hit?  What if it had hit Tampa.  What would they say then?  Of course, the Republican Party is a party of imbeciles but these imbeciles vote.  And they are going to vote their party right in.  Then the US will have a government of imbeciles. 

And we thought Dubya was bad ... OY!

I think they missed the flooding going on there now and all the evacuations.

Yeah you are right James - just a bunch of imbeciles.

Hooboy ... when Sisko facepalms, you KNOW it's bad!

Behold the power of prayer! Although, more black people living in New Orleans, so I think it is more plausible that Mormons prayers saved Tampa and punished the sons of Ham in a two-birds/one-stone deal. The mormons are nothing if not efficient.

It worries me: if all the imbeciles vote Republican, it gives them a good chance of winning.


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