Why do we identify with the label atheist?
I am as much an a-faerieist or an a-dragonist as an a-theist. Yes, I do know that atheist predates the word theist.
I have said elsewhere that I consider myself a PEARList. Proven Evidence And Reasoned Logic. You don't go around seeing Christians calling themselves a-jewist.

It seems odd to identify one's self by something we do not think exists.

What do you think?

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I am a non-smoker, non alcoholic, non procreator, anti-imperialist, non-racist, and probably many many more nons.

I see absolutely NO problem with calling my self atheist. NO shame, No faulty logic. Philosophically speaking, one usually places a denier in front of words carrying a negative connotation as a strong contradictory statement demonstrating our disassociation with such stupidity.

I am a third generation atheist, I've never had to debate, and never want to waste time debating with people moronic enough to base their lives on superstition. I've never had to go through the weird space that many of you had to go through, from being a person of faith to a person of evidence. I was born to science and philosophy. I was taught to question, not only the single concept of god, but the entire social organising structure that comes with it.
Depending on who I am talking to, I call myself either a Skeptic, Freethinker or an Atheist. Skeptic seems to cover the grounds of rational/critical thinking. I use skeptic for religious people that I don't want worrying about my 'soul' (my family mostly), freethinker for religious folks that are too sensitive to the word atheist, and atheist for mostly everyone else.
I've heard Sam Harris talk about the same thing on a Youtube video.I hate having to title myself as anything.I'm simply a person who rejects the supernatural world.Most people assume others are theist so I guess this is why we have a call ourselves atheist.
I've been a atheist for about 50 years. I've tried every term out there to identify myself. For the last 5 years I've been calling myself an atheist. Now, everyone knows exactly where I stand. Now, I don't have to explain myself. If they ask why, I look at them foolishly, like you don't know what an atheist is? I make them define it. They can't.

Atheism, for me, isn't just about "denying the existence of god". Atheism is MY 50 years of life without a god. And I must add, the best 50 years of my life and still going. Because of my life experiences, I have no choice but to be right where I am today.

Most of you remind me of myself. Always searching, always asking. Enjoy the ride, it's wonderful.
I agree with a lot of what people are saying. I call myself an athiest and its fine. But, often when others want to call me one, it can feel derogatory.

It's almost as bad of a label, as the color of our skin.
When I was your age, I thought the same. I still do to some degree. I always wondered which would be harder, being gay or being an atheist. I don't know how someone handles both. It's hard enough being an atheist. The gay friend (1) I do have is Catholic. He grew up a Baptist. His mother never knew I was an atheist. But, that's another story.

A lot of people won't call me an atheist. They want to call me agnostic, humanist or some other name. A christian would love to have me call myself agnostic. Ha, ha on me. Atheist is a powerful word. It has no other meaning than what it is. Christians hate it. If you're an atheist, they have no offense, because they can't define it. Only you can.

My christian friends (2), will not discuss religion with me because they can't define it as it pertains to me. Why? Because the don't have my thoughts.
It's off topic, and probably a Freudianesque slip, but in my mind, I sometimes call myself an alien, when I mean an atheist.




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