that freedom of speech is being squashed while freedom of religion is on the front burner? it or leave it?

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Not quite sure where you're coming from.  Please be more specific with your first comment.  I cringed at your second one.  I came of age in the 60s, and "America, love it or leave it," was a right-wing buzz phrase.  It means that one isn't allowed to question the actions and policies of the prevailing power.  Are you being sarcastic or do you really mean it?

Karl I have a rather dark and sarcastic attitude towards things and this is what I was trying to do here. The government preys on the religious as they are so programmable and ignorant of everything that goes on around them.......because they choose to look at reality with blinders on . As far as America love it or leave,again sarcasm,i too was brought up on that and guess what......I have learned to absolutely abhore  the united states of America with all religious programming,not to mention the state programming from birth on.......America is a fucking lie just like the god bullshit.......and yes you guessed it.........I don't love this country and yes I will be leaving it hopefully in just a few short years.........I don't even want corpse to rot into American would be the final slap in the face. Thankyou karl for your question and I hope I set it straight with you.........peace be with you and yours allways!

Because politicians use religion to get people on their side.  To rally them to back whatever they want.  People don't want to seem to be against god, so they are easily manipulated. 

Thanks alex....that is what I was trying to elude to!

Wish I had the money to leave it!




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