Hi, I'm new on this site and figuring out stuff.

What is the advantage of being a friend of someone on here?

Is there an easy way to navigate groups and threads. It all seems very clunky and awkward. 


Why is it busier here on Sunday?

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It is a little awkward following discussions.  It takes some getting used to.  Welcome!  It is busy on Sunday because most businesses give employees Sunday off.  We might prefer a Wednesday free, but we live in a country of christians, if not a christian country :-)  Spell check is telling me to capitalize the word christian, thus making my point.  So, we are free on Sunday!  Our friends, families, and co-workers are wasting their time talking to their imaginary friend, so we congregate here, and talk to fellow realists.

Dogly, you're right; Nexus isn't real easy to navigate. It has a lot more content than other sites.

I told my spell checker to accept "xmas" and "xian" and on Sunday I'm free from an imaginary enemy.


I always just jump into discussions that interest me....categorized nicely, in my opinion.  Personally I don't usually do the 'friend' option since I go on Facebook for that sort of thing.  This is a safe haven to vent about issues that would offend people I'm in contact with on Facebook!




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