Why is it TV Pundits and Chat Shows Bother With the Likes of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh; Surely it is "Bottom Feeding"?

I would say that journalists have a duty to bottom feed.  The 24/7 news cycle makes such slumming inevitable and, actually, "fun."  Since wise viewers know that they have to take everything they hear with a grain of salt at this time, they instinctively enjoy comic relief, the levity of, say, an Ann Coulter and a Rush Limbaugh.  These people are entertainers and sensible people enjoy seeing just how far such court jesters go in prostituting themselves for the oligarchs or, as is the case of Limbaugh if not quite yet Coulter, self-dealing in tax breaks in order to push the Bush Economic Doctrine of trickle-down, the federal taxation equivalent of a pyramid scheme, a shameful giveaway to the smallest number for the greatest damage to middle class workers and the poor. 

Besides, Ann and Rush are such fine specimens of the homo sapien type.

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I think those people are basically clowns.   The people who believe them are also clowns.

When it comes to what I call corporate media, I have some experience on the subject. I gave some Opening Words about media at the Ethical Society of St. Louis a couple of months ago; the theme of Platform that day was "Ethical Society vs. NPR".

Here's what I said that day: http://ethicalstl.org/blogs/opening-words/opening-words-from-sun-au...

And if you're interested, here's the Platform address given that day by our Leader, Kate Lovelady: http://www.ethicalstl.org/platforms/ESSTLPlatform2012-08-26.mp3

I liked your opening words on media Brent.  As a Canadian it was nice to hear your positive reference to the CBC as a good source for news.  Hopefully our current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper does not damage it too much with his planned funding cuts to this proud, storied Canadian institution.


Thanks Russell. Very much appreciated. =)

$$. They wouldn't produce them if they couldn't make money and they couldn't make money if nobody watched or listened. (I'm quite sure I'm repeating what others have said.)

MY gripe is Nancy Grace--that's scraping the bottom of the barrel for money

It sounds like you don't like her!  

Really, I think Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the like, are all occupants of that sludge layer under the barrel.

Very good mental picture!

It says more about their audience than anything else.

Sensationalism.  It's what the masses demand.

John's "It says more about their audience than anything else" answers the question.

If you know of the normal distribution, you know America has millions of people who live at "the bottom". These bottom-dwelling prey attract the aforementioned bottom-feeding predators.

We ignore the prey at our peril.


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