I would love to hang out here more often, but it seems there's only like, five posts a day here, if that.

Is there a more active Atheist message board community out there in internet land? I was under the impression this was the biggest, if that's the case... I'm deeply saddened.

So since I can't singlehandedly liven this place up via sheer force of will alone, I was wondering if anyone knew any places that already are more lively.

Or if anyone could explain why THIS place is so damn stagnant.

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Dude - it the frikkin' winter break. Believe me (or don't) there are plenty of us that have a good ole' time here. Also - check the right side for latest activity. Stuff that happens with groups doesn't show in the middle panel.
Echoing Howard -- I think he & I have already crossed discussions a couple of times today. Make sure to join at least a couple of groups and then 'Follow' to be notified via email when new discussions in a group get started. And select 'Follow' for individual discussions if you have posted to them yet. Yes, it is winter break which is why I'm only getting 40-50 emails a day -- that's just for the groups I've currently joined. There are a couple of hundred more that I haven't explored yet.
Freethought and Rationalism Discussion Board: http://www.freeratio.org/
Richard Dawkins Forum: http://forum.richarddawkins.net/
Talk Rational: http://www.talkrational.org/
The Reason Project: http://www.reasonproject.org/forum/




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