Jordan Peterson is wondering why feminists are not protesting daily against Saudi Arabia. A country that oppresses women more than any country on the face of the earth 

he stretches the edge of his mind in hope to get an Idea, could it be because:

The enemy of my enemy is my friend 

looking forward to your reply

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It is absurd that the left has embraced Islam. Liberals should be mortified by the religion. In 10 Islamic countries homosexuality is punishable by death.  In 13 Islamic countries Atheism is punishable by death. Most of these countries have open trade with the U.S. I don't support the Muslim ban, but wake up people. Incidentally the Muslim ban leaves off Saudi Arabia and the UAE, both of which are where the 9/11 attackers came from.

People, in particular Hollywood actors such as Ben Affleck, keep saying that it is only extremists with such views. No, it is law in these countries!!! Additionally, Pew research studies show that the majority of Muslims share the same views as " extremists " regarding sexuality, atheism, women's rights, music, free speech etc. The difference comes down to who is willing to commit violence in the name of a religion.

Anybody that loves civil liberties, freedom of speech, freedom of / from religion and women in normal swim wear should be fearful of Islamic ideology. Also, if you don't like the idea of a pedophile founding a major world religion. 

my question is why the left is an alley to Islamist (  different from  Muslims).

And I came from Syria so I know how horrible it can be when Islamist take over a country

I was using Islamist and Muslim interchangeably. Can you explain the difference? My understanding is that one is more of a political movement.

I don't know why the Left is allied with Islamists. I am on the left but disagree with them on this. The left is quick to label Islamophobia as racist. Of course Islam is a religion, not a race.

Yes, Muslims tend to vote liberal simply because of the skewed vision of Islam may liberals have. I am thinking of Lindsey Lohan in a Hijab. Ironically, ultra conservative christian republicans have more in common with Islam. So it does come down to the enemy of my enemy.

I couldn't agree more that Liberalism has taken a dark turn. They are called Regressive Liberals. Take, for instance, what is occurring on university campuses. Berkley keeps uninviting and blocking guest speakers. Bill Maher was one such speaker uninvited because of his views of Islam and religion. They did the same thing with conservative ass holes like Milo Yiannopoulos. While I don't agree with Milo I do believe in the 1st Amendment. The most abhorrent case is Evergreen State where a liberal professor said it was not OK to demand all white people stay home for minority day. The arch liberal students turned on him, hurling slander, demanding he be fired, then they held the university president hostage. All of this because he said their demand was unreasonable. WTF

Yet another example is the Southern Poverty Law Center. They put 2 former Muslims that have spoken out against Islam on their list of anti-Muslim extremists. By doing so they have endangered their lives.

Maajid Nawaz was placed on the SPLC list because he drew a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad. Apparently the SPLC doesn't believe in free speech. Nawaz is a former extremist that now speaks out against it.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is another target of the SPLC. She is an Ethiopian born atheist that speaks out against Islamic practices such as child marriage and genital mutilation, yet she has been labeled an anti islamic extremist. She denounces all religions. has a petition to get them removed from the list. These white men from Alabama think they have the right to judge such people who grew up in Islamic communities, then spoke out against it.

Again this is Liberalism taking a dark turn.

Kind of like Childhood's End - Arthur C. Clarke.

Of course Conservatism is a dark turn - that goes with out saying. It is a Theocracy, among other things. The extreme left follows the Horseshoe theory where they end up with similarities to the far right. Would you rather live in Stalin's Russia / Mao's China or Mussolini's Italy / Hitler's Germany ? Dictators are dictators regardless of what they call them selves.

nice analogy  

I agree. Bernie Sanders got fed up with neo-liberalism and is now an independent.




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