Why isn't religion inspired harassment and ostracism illegal or a hate-crime?

It seems to me that religion incites the harassment of its critics and enemies by millions of it followers.  They send down their military style command, orders to the priests to vilify their critics or dissidents which leads either directly or indirectly to all  kinds of harassing actions. They make their fanatics shout obscenities into the faces of pregnant women wanting abortiions; they have their teenage members gang up on and threaten to rape and kill atheist students; they have their congregations harass and threaten those who are pressing law suits against the sexual abuse of their clerics. Why isn't any or all of this incitement against the law? Maybe we should start suing these religions?  Mass action suits?

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Circumcision counts as serious assault and permanently damaging disfigurement jewis people ( that's the religion I was brainwashed into) have to deal to their son's in order to avoid feeling too guilty about themselves for not doing. Are you going to include circumcision in the list of abuses and assaults religions do to people?

I include circumcision as abusive and an assault on an infant too young to have a voice in the decision. Go for it, Michael. You have the insights and motivation to want it stopped. 

The problem here, Eric, is that they feel they are assaulting us for out own good. This started out as a desire to save the soul, and the soul started out as "you" -- a person. Along the way the "soul" became that invisible essence of you that is spiritual and needed "saved." This gets so bizarre in history that often a person could be burned and killed but the religious would claim "they may have destroyed the body but they saved the soul." Middle age torture at its best. The threat was heretics and witchcraft then among other things.

Today the one bottom line belief of every Evangelical is that "everyone knows there is a god." They don't mean any god. They mean their god alone. We have modern day middle age torture and burning now. The reason is that we threaten their beliefs. They are afraid of death and have to have Jesus.

Can we do lawsuits for their bad behavior? Yes and no. The majority are believers and the believer says his holy book commands him to proselytize and try to convert you. In the minds of the believers all of their bad behavior towards you would be the will of god.

This is one reason that theists are so horrible and they also believe that you are persecuting them if you do not see and agree to the above and let them have their way. I doubt they would put it all in the words I have used, but it means the same thing.

"Soul became that invisible essence of you that is spiritual and needed "saved." 

No god, no spirit, no soul, no holy book exist. Others can argue with my statement, but can they prove I am wrong? Religious may not like what I say, however, they don't have grounds for charging me with any crimes. They can make life miserable for me, that may give me grounds to charge them with a crime.

You and I can stand alone and say these things, or we can stand one-with-many. So, building a coalition of like-minded people willing and able speak our truth resides with non-believers.

Stephen Hawking makes it clear: There is no God.

A Ghost in the Machine.

I would say go for the class action lawsuit but only the lawyers win in that one.

Yes, of course. But that shouldn't stop us from telling the public that these religions are using their tyrannical majority in our country to get away with what most civilized people consider to be crimes. They are just politically powerful criminal organizations.


Oh! This cartoon is a jewel worth keeping! "You're oppressing our religious freedom!"

EXCUSE ME!  You're oppressing our freedom from religion!

Richard Dawkins refers to a poll in England that showed the most frequent reason that people stay with religion is because it make them feel that they are good people.  If this is true, it gives us a way to fight back against fanatical allegiance to religion and its wrongdoings by continually pointing out to believers how  their religion is making them do bad things. They are good people who are being made to do bad things by their religion (a la Stephen Weinberg). 

You can communicate with lots of intelligent believers by simply addressing letters (snail mail) to famous religious right apologists and heroes,  Their mail gets opened by more than average intelligent theists who do the daily business of their bosses. It is these people who we might convince to start moving away from their faiths. But we must always differentiate the people we are talking with from the faiths we oppose.  That way we will able to make meaningful connection with them.




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