Why it's tricky for atheists to 'debate' with believers...


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There has never once been a marginalized group that has won recognition and rights by sitting back and waiting politely for it to happen. There
has never once been a marginalized group that has won recognition and
rights by doing anything other than speaking out, organizing, making
itself visible and vocal. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Freedom is
never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the

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It is the rare theist I will actually have a face-to-face discussion with in regards to religion. 99% of the time, when dealing with your typical 'believer' it IS a waste of time. My oldest friends father is one of the few that I can have a good discussion with. But, his son and my friend of twenty years? Yeah, right. Not happening. He wants to believe what he wants to believe (interestingly he attempts to mirror is father in his beliefs... and he may in beliefs but not in method) and he will specifically say that he doesn't want to hear about it. Not an inquisitive, truth-seeking bone in the boys body. :/ ....... I just made my self sad.
My son in law's late father was a reasonably enlighten minister (he was chaplain of the state senate) . He and I had many long ethical discussions that was well worth the time - along with a number of shots and beers.
On the other hand, my beer drinking get drunk together Lousiana cousin asked me what religion I was I said Atheist. He replied, "you mean Agnostic?"
I told him, "No I mean Atheist". That was our last discussion on religion.
The really difficult part, I find, is breaking through the faith barrier, getting them to finally understand that not only is atheism NOT a faith position, but also that faith is not a Good Thing™. I mean, that faith is a virtue is pretty much indelibly inscribed upon the theist psyche; trying to explain why this is not so is tantamount to speaking a foreign language, frankly. It's a paradigm shift most theists aren't willing to make even if they're capable.

At least, that's been my experience, anyway. And how are you supposed to talk to people when what you say goes right past them or gets garbled as they translate it to something more palatable inside their heads, neh?



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