Louisiana's Science Education Act Is A Global Embarrassment For America!

Louisiana has it's Science Education Act that allows stupidity, like Creationism into the classroom.

While America's Scientific Education standard is dropping below that of third world countries, it has become a major embarrassment to the Western World.

What was once considered the most well educated nation on earth, has dropped to being among the poorest.

So the teaching of Creationism in the US is a global embarrassment, something the rest of the Western World has been putting a lid on, but in the US it runs rampant, uncontrolled and in some states like Louisiana, it is uncontrollable.

A recent attempt to repeal the stupid Louisiana law was defeated.

So the problem has become worse and situation more desperate than ever before.

The students of Louisiana are bound to suffer and the United States...

Here in Australia, we once regarded America as a scientifically advanced nation, which was the forefront of innovation, but, the advent of Creationism gripping much of America and poorly trained and screened, science teachers has destroyed that completely.

Now we view America as a Cesspool Of Fundamentalist Ignorance!

Movies coming out of the U.S. like Ben Stein's "Expelled", "God's Not Dead" and "A Matter Of Faith" only demonstrates us to be correct.

The "Creation Museum" with school tours and education literature, adds another nail to America's scientific literacy coffin, though Canada has also allowed such a nonsensical centre to establish. 

Though I might add, that if I was a science teacher, I'd likely teach the students about logic and rationality, along with pointing out the irrational nature of Creationism, and maybe even tour such a museum to give the students something to laugh about. I'm certain Ken Ham would appreciate having schools using his museum as something to laugh at. I think he possibly, secretly laughs about the stupid people that believe his nonsense. As a charlatan like him would.

America is indeed a Cesspool Of Idiotic Christian Fundamentalist Ignorance.

With many such Fundamentalist, Ignoramuses in Governments and some of the most idiotic of them running for 2016 presidency.

No wonder, globally, America appears to be Extremely and Stupidly Naive!

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I believe that the key is implementation of Rationality testing for science teachers and even government officials, if they don't pass, they cannot run for a government position, no matter how popular they may be.

Irrational leadership and teachers are dangerous!

The same type of thing happens in northern Europe, although not so brazenly lawful. Religious zealots are attracted to teaching for reasons that have little to do with education. Although teaching creationism is not allowed in state schools there are many reports of teachers ignoring the guidelines.

The difference in the UK is that the vast majority of parents believe in evolution and are hostile to creationism. Nevertheless parental complaints of children bringing home pamphlets on creationism is causing concern.

True Gerald, I am keeping some tabs on the Leaving Fundamentalism blogs, where the blogger is an ex student from the British Creationist school system which implements U.S. Creationist dogma in its teachings.

Teachers do really need to be screened, especially those teaching science.

If their rationality and knowledge of real science is not up to par, they should not be allowed in the classroom and instead, should be teaching mathematics, which has no dogma attached.

John Lennox proves that mathematics has nothing to do with rationality.

He is possibly the most irrational person I have ever witnessed in a debate, yet he is a professor of mathematics.

He continually calls himself a scientist, yet, he is way too irrational to ever do or even understand science.

BTW: That's another point, is that it is the U.S. Creationist groups who supply the majority of literature to the Creationist groups in other countries.

If U.S. can kill of it creationism in education, destroy the creationist market and thus reduce the proliferation of creationist literature around the world.

U.S. is the major source for all creationist groups around the globe.

I believe these pamphlets were from an American source.

It may sound stupid but here's how they fix it.

1. Try to repeal it.

2.  When that doesn't work push to have all the religious systems (or the most popular ones) that have creationist stories included. The idea here is that Christianity cannot be allowed to hog the show. Sooner or later somebody will go for this one and all the creation stories will be in public school. They will all get an honerable mention but there is just not enough time to teach them fully. Christians will bitch that Muslims and Hindus should not be there, but tough luck!

CHECKMATE!  Indoctrination solved.

That was precisely the impetus behind the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

The one good thing that Louisiana has working for it: Zack Kopplin.

He is a remarkable young man. I hope the youth hear and understand what he says and for which he stands. I get goose bumps when I think of the pressure he must endure and his srength of character to take on such power. 

Well, Patricia, in maths and science, you shouldn't since in the last rankings, Canada was in great shape at 10th position, Australia following a bit behind at 14th, while the USA blubbers around at 28th place, equal with Italy.

We have no reason to follow America, the U.S. should be following Canada. 

You have noticed a few things, I hope: (1) Almost all of the crazies are Republicans.  (2) They are a splinter of the total population, but a large and vocal one.  (3) They are backed by unbelievable amounts of money, due to our laws favoring the growth of wealth and their gullibility in voting.  (4) They tend to be two-issue voters, caring only about abortion and withholding rights from gays.  (5) They want to be able to use government to impose their religion, but don't understand that those policies allow others to impose their religion too.  (6) They don't really care what happens in this country, or on this planet, since they expect to be plucked up to heaven at any moment.  

And yes, from just spending a weekend with them, these beliefs are genuine and firm.

Yes, "these beliefs are genuine and firm". However you have to give them credit, a small percentage of the population put aside their differences, found a common thread upon which to focus, and organized all over the country. They were small at first. There were little hints of things to come. They got on school boards, city councils, the legislatures of the state and federal government. The moderate christians remained quiet, not wanting to speak ill of their kind. Now, the small band of religious fanatics have power far beyond their representation in politics. 

Non-believers can do the same if we would just set aside our differences and our petty little quarrels and focus on key issues. Many suggest, and I support SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN AND GLBTQ RIGHTS. 

Men, you are going to have to take a back seat on this one and fight for the principles that will free us all. Men have dominated society for six thousand years. It is time we think in terms of equality for men, women and GLBTQ!

The real problem as I see it is the fundamentalism inspired by the demise of religious conviction. All the anger and accusations are nothing more than frustration's due to the disinterest in religious 'principles'. If society still conformed to 'the word' there would be no belligerence felt toward anyone.  That society is moving forward and losing sight of dogmatic beliefs angers the zealots and demands scapegoats.

Religion is on the way out, no doubt about it.




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