I see we have a chat feature. However, every time I've tried to use it, there is never any one there, although it shows people as online.

Accept there may be a time difference, as I'm in the UK. Are we not a chatty forum?

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Looks like there are people there now. Probably depends on the time of day/night when you visit.
How funny. I never noticed the chat room function. But then I'm often finding myself catching up to the latest techy applications and hopelessly behind in the race to communicate faster in this sort of format. I joke on Facebook that my social circle is actually more of a triangle....I can't see spending all that time informing people of my every tedious behavior. I'm having breakfast; I'm petting my dog; I have to go out to get my mail at the mailbox...etc etc etc. And the forums seem to provide the more focused discussions I enjoy....interesting topics and debates and free-flowing expressions of opinion. Free speech at its best in my opinion.

I like your mathematical looking symbol up there...is it the proof of God's non-existence?? ha
At this particular moment, you don't show as being there, Stephen. But yes.. I think what you wrote is true.
I run a couple Ning sites http://fiddleworld.ning.com for example. I recently disabled the chat feature as it was a bandwidth hog and nobody used it.




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