Okay... So this discussion topic is taken directly from my blog... "the Atheist Goddess."



I designed this post to be read by Christian Women on my blog... so far... not a single theist has looked at my blog... I hope they change their minds

I am a woman myself, thus my nickname, "the Atheist Goddess." As a woman, I am APPALLED by the percentage of American women who are Christians, even devout Christians. The fact is that there are fewer Atheist women than men out there, which makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to me. The percentage of nonreligious women versus men is this: 70% of Atheists are men, 30% of Atheists are women, 75% of self-proclaimed agnostics are men, only 25% women.

These statistics are very sad and demonstrate a lack of will to rise above the strait jacket and shackles religion has put us in as women.
It makes no sense to me for a woman to continue being religious when ALL monotheistic religions, and a lot of polytheistic religious, are SCREAMING HATE at women!

I hate to break it to you women of Christendom, but GOD AND JESUS HATE YOU!
It's true!
Don't believe me? Let the "word of God" speak for itself!

First... God has sentenced us to be punished FOREVER because Eve took the "fruit from the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil!" - Try to reconcile that with a god who "loves you!" - Newsflash: YOU CAN'T!
No "loving god" would sentence half the population of the world to eternal suffering and slavery because of one woman's "mistake." That's WORSE than the death penalty or life imprisonment!

Here's another little keeper from "god's holy word!" If you, as a woman, sing or EVEN speak in church... you are a sinner!

"1 Corinthians 14:34 - 35*
34. Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but [they are commanded] to be under obedience, as also saith the law.
35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church."

Still not convinced?

I have a MILLION more reasons why women should NEVER be Christians!

1. No matter whether you do good deeds or not you are EVIL... that's what God said... so if you worship God, you must believe it!
"No wickedness comes anywhere near the wickedness of a woman.....Sin began with a woman and thanks to her we all must die" (Ecclesiasticus 25:19,24).

- So APPARENTLY we're responsible for death too.

2. God believes you are WORTHLESS!
"The birth of a daughter is a loss" (Ecclesiasticus 22:3).

3. It's okay to rape US just not okay to rape MEN!
"Look, I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them. But don't do anything to these men, for they have come under the protection of my roof." - Genesis 19:8

4. If you are unmarried and raped by a man, then God commands you to marry your rapist and "to death do us part."
"If a man finds a woman who is a virgin who is not married, and he forces her down and has intercourse with her, and they are found, then the man that had sex with her shall give her father 50 shekels of silver and she shall be his wife because he has humbled her." - Deuteronomy 22: 28-29


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Appears impossible to reply at the bottom of this. Perhaps a browser problem. In short, I should like to say the following.

This is why I do not date. I am afraid of myself.
I can tell you that being the only somewhat educated member of a kin/clan is not comfortable. For you see, not being a misogynist is traditionally regarded as effete. For a male, being effete - let alone feminist or anything of that laughable ilk - constitutes agreeing to ostracism. I cannot speak for the US, but in rural Europe, the concept of masculinity is largely based upon knowing how to get your collection of she-creatures laid. This, of course, harks back to the good old days of unspoilt Catholic respectability. The highest accomplishment in life, quoth Mister Pastor, is a wife who cooks for you and raises your children.

Now, if your male mind has been poisoned by the degenerated idea that a female might perhaps be capable of having her own ideas/intellectual interests (even a career or something; how absurd is that - and then this art thing: that's for rich people, is it not?), and does not necessarily have to procreate, the farmers and labourers have a special mechanism in place, whereby the deranged one is neatly removed from the realm of normality, thus obviating both parental responsibility and societal involvement.

I have been in love three times. Each time, I was approached, not vice versa. Each occasioned either suicide attempts or psychological terror campaigns. As much as I, 'the degree nerd', long for an independent, erudite, outspoken woman with a life of her own, I cannot repress this upbringing of mine.
Which is why I shall remain a hermit. Society screwed men up, not the other way round.
Unfortunately, since men have been the ones in power in society for the past...well, pretty much since the dawn of time, it is men who created the society, and ultimately, it must be men who must either change or be changed.

Until men accept that women are their equals, without caveat or this 'well women are special in their way' BS, but as actual equals, the problem doesn't stand a chance of being fixed.

That means when a woman is raped, instead of looking at her actions to find a solution, we need to look at the actions and attitudes of the rapist. And that means when a woman is abused, instead of looking at her actions to find a solution, we need to look at the actions and attitude of the abuser. Instead of blaming the victim, we need to fix the problem.

The problem is: Society in general does not view women as equal to men in worth.
To be clear: I certainly do not hope you expect me to defend men. I never chose to be one and never enjoyed being one. Solely biology makes me, if needs must, identify with this caste.
Asking a present-day Western man to feel guilt or at least responsibility for regarding women as inferior is like asking me to feel responsible for the fact that my great-grandfather was a Nazi.
It is the mentality that was instilled in us which constitutes the problem. As a well-read, progressive individual (somewhat haughty as well), I constantly force myself to uphold the ideal that women are my equal and that I have no right to force them into behaving or appearing how I would like. But there is the rub: everywhere around me, I perceive vestiges of this patriarchal mindset with which boys are imbrued.
Now, I would not be capable of rape, if only for being too weak and melancholic and soppy a person; I do, however, experience that I was never taught how to deal with rejection. Men do not get rejected, since it is women who are approached by men and then make the decision. This, in spite of all my enlightened ideas, has bestowed many an identity problem upon me.
I would dearly love to change this mentality, but until you can force each and every man to acknowledge that he has no 'right' over a woman, my prospects in that respect are pessimistic.

That said, I hardly know anything of American legislation, but in general, I do get the impression that Western Europe is gradually overcoming the fixed idea that a 'strong woman' must somehow support an even stronger man, certainly in the North. Domestic violence is taken very seriously, and I know of a few cases where the woman was the aggressor (not that that is something I strive to achieve).
Not having offspring and not intending to get one, I cannot judge for gender roles within the family.

As a recalcitrant individualist, I do not feel in any way responsible for a society whereof I have never really been part. My views on gender, therefore, remain but the musings of a recluse.
Your grandfather was a Nazi. But you regard women as inferior. His actions are beyond your control. Yours are not. His mindset is beyond your control. Yours is not.

You should feel responsible for your actions, for you ARE responsible for your actions.

And you are a part of society, whether you like it or not. If nothing else, you are part of this society, right here, having this conversation, that you have willingly come in and joined.
I have joined this conversation because I felt engaged by the topic. Treating women as equals is what I want to do. On a rational plane, this is logic itself. There is, however, a lurking remnant from childhood (which I would rather not go into) which complicates my feelings. This is why I am reluctant to engage with women.

Of course I am responsible for my own actions and thoughts. But do I have control over them? I avoid society as much as I can. You have probably heard of the impostor syndrome: 'I should not be behind this desk, negotiating with women. I belong in a factory, making crude sexist remarks.'

I beg to differ with your claim that I regard women as inferior. My entire education disagrees with that. But sometimes it feels artificial.
I am talking about the difference between that which is acquired and that which is unwittingly instilled in one.
And I have no interest whatsoever in fighting with you, as I have grown weary of conflicts with women, or people, for that matter.
We are 'fighting'? I thought we were having a discussion.

"I beg to differ with your claim that I regard women as inferior. My entire education disagrees with that. But sometimes it feels artificial."

If you do not regard women as inferior, why does it feel artificial to regard women as equals?

You admit to being reluctant to engage with women, because you find it difficult not to treat them as your inferiors due to your upbringing? Am I interpreting your words correctly?

Women are people.

You want to treat women as equals, then do so. Women are people. Treat them like people.
'We are 'fighting'? I thought we were having a discussion.'

I tend to regard every discussion as a fight, because I always think the worst of everyone.

If you do not regard women as inferior, why does it feel artificial to regard women as equals?

Because I'm the only one who does that?

'You admit to being reluctant to engage with women, because you find it difficult not to treat them as your inferiors due to your upbringing? Am I interpreting your words correctly?'

Oh yes, but there is also the inability to attach myself to people, which has other reasons altogether and is gender-free. But being drawn to women, they are more dangerous for me than men could be.

'Women are people.
You want to treat women as equals, then do so. Women are people. Treat them like people.'

You're asking a misanthropist the wrong thing. I value a dog above any person, irrespective of their genitalia.
Ah. Unfortunately, I do not have a degree in psychology and am unable to help you with your issues. I wish you all the best, but see no reason to continue discussing society with you.
Oh, never mind. Society is not that interesting.
If I have learnt anything from life, it is that true equality comes from the right medication.
Funny how it came to be thus. The ancient settlement of Çatal Hüyük apparently was a matriarchal society, and up North, in the Finland region, there must have been a population where women were in power; it bestowed about a third of Germanic vocabulary upon us. Some time round the advent of modern monotheistic religions, the balance has obviously shifted. The old Celts and Germans, by all indications, did not really consider women second-class; that is a vestige of Grecian and Judeo-Roman influence.

Which leads me to wonder: is there any monotheistic religion where God is female? I'd be interested to know.

Briefly, I agree with you in every respect. And indeed, I think it a pity that there are so few atheist women around. Religion completely puts me off during the very first conversation.
Tho I usually blame a history of religiosity for most of female subservience in our society, I am intrigued at how societies such as Asian countries came up with female subservience. I know little about asian religions, and if Buddhism and Confucianism were "such great atheistic" philosophies, I'd expect their societies to treat females a lot better, when in fact they're worse... :(

I have long been fascinated with matriarchal societies. Female skeletons of these tribes tended to be significantly larger than in other societies, and I think that social positioning may play a larger part in sexual dimorphism than is currently thought. Humanity in the past 2000 years has been keeping women down, and as in any litter context, inferiors feed less and remain smaller and emotionally underdeveloped.
Well, I don't know much about oriental philosophies, except that Buddhism idealises the concept of 'not expecting anything', since desire is the root of all evil. It's not for me; I need the phantom of something to live up to, or an ambition of some kind. I have no explanation for the female 'second class citizen' position in some of these countries; perhaps it is the burden that lies upon women as the keepers of families. Raising offspring has long been seen as the female destiny, preventing them from a role in public life and discourse. That is a subject I know little about either. To be frank, I never really liked children and find it hard to empathise with people who really wish to have them.

I was taught that the old Minoan civilisation was probably matriarchal, i.e. the one which preceded the Greeks and was wiped out by a tsunami. They had conspicuous statues of some kind of goddess carrying snakes.

In their mosaics there are men wearing makeup and collars. Now, I'd love to be able to do that in other places than goth festivals, but alas, it's not socially acceptable and I have to confine myself to colourful shirts and ties and such.
Interestingly, polygamy and polyandry are not exactly equivalent: in a polyandrous tribe, the exploited woman has to cater for her 'owners', as it were. The males in general have more physical strength. I, on the other hand, pride myself in being exhausted from climbing the stairs, my 17.2 BMI and my inability to open jars. It is my firm belief that men should become weaker.



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