"Why -oh why- do atheists (@ times lapsed believer$) hate god"? WHY DO THEEEEEY!?!?!? ; ) answer here:

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TAXES. hello. that's what I hate. the way they get off tax free... and we pay. 

beating kids down too that's a hate offense.

I don't hate their bigot version of god etc.. those types.. wanted me to waste my energy for hate like they do but...

I was asked by a minister one time why I hated god. My response was, "Why do you hate the night manager of the Chucky Cheese on the planet Neptune?" His response was, "Well that's not real!"  My retort, "Well, maybe you're getting a clue."

Awesome reply Pat - I love that one too.

Nice one Pat, got a good belly laugh outta that one! Thanks!

I love that - "Why do you hate the night manager of the Chucky Cheese on the planet Neptune?". 


That does get to the point - It's not god we hate.  I do have fear and loathing of fanatical bigoted self aggrandizing hypocritical religionists, religious posturing politicians, and individuals with no concept of critical thinking.  It's like the bumper sticker that says "Jesus save me from your followers"

I've seen that bumper sticker.

How can you hate something that doesn't exist?  Followers?  Unfortunately, they do exist.

I don't hate god because I can't hate that which I do not believe exists; however, if god did exist, I would hate him because he is petty, vain, jealous, vengeful and downright evil. I would hate him because I am better than him. Not because I am perfect, but because I know that I am not perfect, and I try to better myself. I would hate him because he proclaims barbarity to be morality. I would hate him because he has the power to make the world a better and more compassionate place, but does not, purely so that he can keep his "soul filtering machine" running in the cruel and arbitrary way it does.

Hope that answers the question.

The basic religionist idea is that we are all supposedly subject to some grand authority, not in the sense of a representative democracy that elects its leaders, but in a sort of child-parent relationship: the parents create the child, and the child owes obedience to his/her parents.  The religionist view is that atheism is a form of rebellion; it screams and rails against the "rightful" authority inherent in our very being.  Religionists would argue that atheists reject god because they don't care to remain under his thumb.  By denying his existence, they obviate the need to respect his authority.  What atheists supposedly "hate" is the feeling of being subservient, of not being in control.  Religionists embrace precisely such a feeling, because to them this subservience is a kind of higher freedom.

As others have posted, it is nonsensical to hate that which does not exist.  But it is possible to hate the idea that some one has proposed for the sake of argument.  If I dislike the Chucky Cheese restaurant chain and think that it's crass exploitation of workers to keep retail establishments open at night, then I might hate the idea of "the night manager of the Chucky Cheese on the planet Neptune", even though it's silly to regard the personage in question as actually existing.

I say that I feel exactly the same way about "God" as they do about Zeus. Do they hate Zeus?

In one sense, they probably do hate Zeus, or Chango, or Baal, or Huitzilopochtli. According to their belief system, those are "false" gods, while their's is the "real" god. A rationalization for their delusion, as opposed to someone else's delusion.

There could be no more absurd question.  I don't hate god, any more than I hate unicorns or Zeus.  I can neither like nor dislike a fictional construct.  (I suppose I could hate the supposed actions of this non-existent creature in some hypothetical way, but that's as close as I could come.)  Giving it much thought would be a real waste of time.  So: .


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