Out of many possible explanations whether known or unknown for people's affinity towards the concept of god, one thing that comes to my mind is deeply rooted in the science of Quantum Physics.Strangely yet undeniably it is related to the mysterious concept of Consciousness which is the very core of our existence.

   Scientists for more than a century are baffled and short of explanation for the famous quantum double slit experiment.It seems as though nature is not allowing us to cross any further when we attempt to understand what actually happens in the tiny world.In this experiment,the only conclusion scientists have arrived with is that consciousness affects the particles behavior and since everything is made of particles,everything must also be affected by consciousness.

   This leaves us to ponder about the most mysterious Consciousness.What is consciousness?As it appears or seems to appear from the quantum double slit experiment that consciousness is a basic entity than matter itself rather than a product of some neurobiological activity in our brain.Our understanding of consciousness is at a very primitive stage

   Coming to our main topic of discussion,could consciousness really be the most basic entity at the zenith?Could it really affect the physical world in some way or the other?Maybe it is this mysterious force which works in some way for people to harbor their faith in it forcing them to think that it is another being called god which is at work?I'm just thinking aloud,but whatever it is,our understanding of this ever mysterious Universe is not and cannot be complete.As we strive towards understanding our Universe more and more,hopefully we are able to sort out with more vivid explanations about this mystery of Consciousness.

Quantum Double Slit Experiment    
Quantum Double Slit Experiment

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Consciousness may be at the very core of our reality. Certainly without it we have no reality. Example here is "what is death?" Once we enter the physical world and become conscious all the little known laws of probability come into play. Depending on everyone's reactions around us our path is set. Some call this "free will," but it is? I believe that supernaturalism and metaphysics can be explained away as a misapplication of interpretation. Deja Vu, for example, can be explained simply by information reaching the right brain a split second before it arrives at the left brain. Hence, you feel "this has happened before." Proving the worlds holy books to be nothing but myth should end the god question, but the believer cannot except "something out of nothing." He then goes on to set god outside of the realms of space and time, and therefore outside of our known reality. To me that means that god does not exist, but to the believer it is a valid definition during these last days of religion.

Sam Harris said it best in a small part of the film "The Unbelievers." Harris thinks that religion is in its death throws but mankind hangs onto god belief because of a fear of death. I certainly agree.




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