Why religion is fundamentally and basically immoral and evil, and should be banned.

Like no other existing human enterprise, religion will one day lead its insane followers to start a nuclear war that will destroy us all over some insult to it or its deity or to the breaking of one of its commandments.
There is no comparable threat to our very existence from any other form of human activity.

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Atheism is a problematic term.

The problem is a lot of people think it means something, or need it to mean something, rather then just being what it is, a rational response to theism.

It doesn't need to be or have to be anything more then it is, all the rest, the meanings can come from other places, ourselves and other 'isms' as it were.

Hell someone doesn't even have to subscribe to one particular 'ism' either. Pick and choose, it is what we are good at after all. The nice thing about being human is being able to actually think about what matters and what doesn't.
I think it only because theists castigate and stigmatize us that we band together in facilities such as this. Remember, semantically and by definition, "atheists" only defines us for what we are not.
Well said Sam.
Exactly. There are homicidal psychopaths that are Atheist simply because the don't give a shit about anyone or anything. Their Atheism does not contribute to their acts. There is no Atheist dogma, and certainly not one that promotes jihad/crusade type blood fests.
There is nothing exceptional about not being something - I'm not a pirate but don't think I should be receiving accolades for it.
But no one really gives a shit how you feel any more fetchie boy.

You don't represent anyone else's opinion. Unless you're referring to imaginary friends..?
Name one atheist who would commit murder in the name of atheism today. I can list many religionists.
Are you confusing atheism with secular humanism? What tenet of "no god exists" discourages murder?
And we should therefore do nothing about the potential mass destructiveness of religion?
And we should therefore do nothing about the potential mass destructiveness of religion?

No. We should not "do nothing". We should ensure folks like you, who are witless mirror images of the evils they claim to oppose, have as little say in anything whatsoever as possible.

Further along is this derangement -

I see, we should focus on the evils of communism, which is no longer with us, and disregard wonderful religion which is rampant throughout the world and our country, right?

Gobsmacking. You're obviously in another, alternate reality dimension somehow connecting to our internet through some kind of wormhole. That's the only possible explanation for most of your commentary. If you sincerely made these comments in ours, you'd have difficulty remembering just breathing.
The problem is the nukes and the fact that they are likely to use them. Science gave us the ability to make nukes, not religion. It could be religion, or it could be territory, resources, defense, ideology, etc that make a country likely to go to war. So Pakistan has nukes. That doesn't mean a little old lady in America should be forbidden from going to church.

The World Wars were primarily about nationalism. Maybe we should ban all flags and signs of patriotism.
JustN: I'm totally with you Eric, just take China for instance which has state instituted atheism and it's against the law to illuminate any religion or establish an organization on a cult

China doesn't go far enough. Pol Pot had the right idea. We can get rid of those intellectuals too. All they do is cause trouble and make proletariats feel stupid. In fact we should all abandon our cities and relocate to swamps and dig rice paddies with sticks while singing praise songs about the wisdom of our great and infallible secular leader.

You might have a problem though - I suspect UFO cranks would get dragged away and shot too. But hey, you can't make an omelette...
We can get rid of those intellectuals too.

I guess the teabaggers are on the right track, then.




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