Why religion is fundamentally and basically immoral and evil, and should be banned.

Like no other existing human enterprise, religion will one day lead its insane followers to start a nuclear war that will destroy us all over some insult to it or its deity or to the breaking of one of its commandments.
There is no comparable threat to our very existence from any other form of human activity.

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Granted. There are those who are coerced by various repugnant methods. But there are also the volunteer believers who are not pushed. The latter do have the main criterion for psychopathy - complete absence of empathy with the other.
I agree - all suicide bombers obviously think they are doing the 'right thing', but a religious bomber will genuinely be doing it 'for' (i.e. as a result of) his religion, and his actions will be in line with religious doctrine (otherwise the 'religious' part would after all be incidental); I can't imagine a similar motivation based on atheist thought (however one might attempt to define that...)
That's why i distinguished between 'all suicide bombers' and 'religious suicide bombers' (the current topic). That said, I suspect that religious attitudes have some part to play in many suicide bombings that might be classified as 'political', if only in the belief in, say, an afterlife or a conviction in absolute morals...
That is ingrained in them from an early age. The question is, what makes them cross that threshold from acting in theory to acting in practice.
I think the threshold can't really be predicted; each suicide bomber is forged by a wide variety of circumstances. The ingrained idea, religious belief, economic and social milieu, individual personality and etc., all figure into the eguation.
If you have data to the contrary why not simply present it rather than making the antagonistic comment about my doing you a disservice?
eric: If you have data to the contrary why not simply present it rather than making the antagonistic comment about my doing you a disservice?

I'm going to make a wild guess and assume you are referring to this -

***In my opinion the many suicidal bombings of religionists and the complete absence of the same of atheists***

You made a blanket assertion of fact without evidence. You relied on your belief that had no substance. You were using your religious brain.

a) the onus is not on me to provide you with data. The falseness of that statement btw is common knowledge to anyone who has read any atheist literature on the troubling topic of suicide bombing.

b) your statement belongs in the same category as nazis believed in evolution, therefore all evolutionists are nazis.

There are minimum standards here Eric. If you cannot make some effort to meet them, then you should control your impulse to post.
Religion has been banned before, and usually the act of banning was as bad or worse than the actual religion. Banning religion amounts to state atheism which for one thing has been the main criticism of atheism from theists. You know the deal..."atheistic governments have killed millions of people, therefore atheists are just as bad" etc.

And how would the ban be enforced? Throw people in jail? Destroy historical artifacts? (These have been done.) Banning makes martyrs out of religious people and gives substance to claims of persecution. Forbidding something usually serves to make it more appealing and will make some people all the more determined. Since theism is something mental, I think an attempt to ban could also lead to a witch-hunt atmosphere.
Please see my response to Dannyisms.
I think any extreme and absolute ideology can lead to destruction on a massive scale.
I think the survival of the planet and our species is worth it.
What you're saying is the exact same thing that the religious extremist say. What makes you any better?
What makes me better than them is that I don't fly planes into buildings, stone to death my daughter because of adultery, murder abortion doctors, terrorize people and on and on and on. If you don't think that we atheists are more moral than religious extremists who murder, maim, torture etc, then I don't know what to think.




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