Why religion is fundamentally and basically immoral and evil, and should be banned.

Like no other existing human enterprise, religion will one day lead its insane followers to start a nuclear war that will destroy us all over some insult to it or its deity or to the breaking of one of its commandments.
There is no comparable threat to our very existence from any other form of human activity.

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There's nothing to say that atheists can't develop extremist attitudes or come up with regimes where they decide to kill all religious people. People are subject to mob mentality whether they have religion or not, and human stupidity/ignorance is not exclusive to religion. Sociopaths kill innocent people and most of them are motivated by their desire to kill people, not by religion. Gangs also kill each other because they are in the opposite gang, and as far as I know are not religiously motivated. Religion can create an environment that allows for mental illness, and religious people can be xenophobic like gangs, but these things still thrive without religion.

Religious people often say "God is on my side" but I have also noticed many atheists tend to have the "logic is on my side" attitude, as if logic can only lead to one clear-cut answer. This is about the same, because when a person becomes so attached to being right and so convinced that they are right, they turn off their reasoning.
Athiests wouldn't do it as an action representing Athiests. We're just not that organised. We don't have a sky fairy to please. That sky fairy thing is what unites and motivates the deluded. Athiests, in my experience at least take on their 'mission' as individuals. That makes it a protracted committment, but it's a duty that has to be embraced.
I have to disagree with you on this point. I've met a lot of atheists in my day and have never come across anyone who would die for the cause or murder a religionist or anyone else. There's nothing in the respect for evidence and reason, which are the foundations of atheism, that impels you to kill people you disagree with. On the other hand, there's plenty in the foundations of religion, however, that commands you to kill lots of people you disagree with, and this is an important difference between religion and atheism.

I can't speak for the communists of the early 20th century but they never impressed me as having great respect for reason and evidence. After all, they continued to have lots of faith in an economic system that wasn't working and seemed blind to those facts.
Yes, rounding up atheists is like herding sheep, and most use what they consider to be reasoning, still, I don't say it's impossible for fanatical atheism to come about. It may be that it is less likely in countries that have a tradition of individuality and freedom of speech. I still want to know what your plan is for banning religion and how you will enforce it.
*I mean cats, not sheep, obviously
Eric: I have to disagree with you on this point. I've met a lot of atheists blah, blah...

Just spit it out - you believe in atheist exceptionalism. We are the chosen people and our doo-doo doesn't stink.

This kind of bullshit is why I have come to hate the term 'atheism' and am embarrassed to use it.
The problem is the damn 'ism', anytime people see an 'ism' tacked onto the end of a word they think it should come with a set of ideals or precepts.
Ismophobes and ismophobism, that's how I call these people and their tantrums. Most can handle a bit of self-derision and laugh with me, those who can't turn angry and I laugh at them. Sure and easy victory.
I like that, Ismophobes I will have to remember that one.
I think I'm an ismophobe.
anytime people see an 'ism' tacked onto the end of a word they think it should come with a set of ideals or precepts.

And jism is usually the end result.
That will keep me laughing all day, thanks ɥɔןǝɟ.


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