Why religion is fundamentally and basically immoral and evil, and should be banned.

Like no other existing human enterprise, religion will one day lead its insane followers to start a nuclear war that will destroy us all over some insult to it or its deity or to the breaking of one of its commandments.
There is no comparable threat to our very existence from any other form of human activity.

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There's that projection again.
With all due respect JstN, I can't make you look any dumber than you do yourself.
No actually he doesn't stalk you. Frankly I think he couldn't give two shits about you, except that he like I feels that this site should be based in reality and not fiction. There are plenty of other sites that will cheerfully promote any kind of fiction you want.

Frankly this whole post is way past its due date, there is no conversation here or exchanging of ideas. From most of your responses you haven't read word one anyone has said or even tried to participate in a actual conversation. Instead you are just responding to ɥɔןǝɟ now on a personal basis because you don't like him. You haven't actually added anything to the OP's comments past his initial statement.

Yes we would all agree that there is a basic danger in religion indoctrination, most of us realize however that banning it will not work.

You do understand that the non-religious are in the minority practically everywhere. It is not a viable solution by any means, so it is time to move on.
I see, we should focus on the evils of communism, which is no longer with us, and disregard wonderful religion which is rampant throughout the world and our country, right?
They just called. They said they'd be here to pick you up any day now.

Thanks JstN. I presented a relatively simple idea equating current religious suicidal violence and denial of consequences with a greater likelihood of using nuclear weapons. While some of you responded rationally with helpful constructive criticisms and even support, many others responded by ganging up with uninhibited attacks, insults, ridiculing, name calling, prejudging and the like all of which had the effect of interfering with the free exchange of ideas. I'd like to thank those of you who kept it civil and constructive and atheistic.
eric: many others responded by ganging up with uninhibited attacks, insults, ridiculing, name calling, prejudging and the like all of which had the effect of interfering with the free exchange of ideas

That's the price you pay when you choose to state nonsense. Or are we supposed to just politely ignore that and have a group hug?

Sorry. I and the majority here, demand coherence and supportable argument. If you fall short and get rapped for it, go tell someone who cares. If your learning curve is not a flat line, maybe you'll think before you blab in future.
You called someone a sociopath for disagreeing with you. That sounds like a name-calling attack to me.
Are you saying that you would wait until a nuclear holocaust before trying to prevent it? That would seem to me to be the height of immorality.
Read what Dannyisme wrote again. Last time I checked, neither speech nor thought could detonate as well as nuclear warheads do.
Banning religion would at least ban speech about believing in God or things close to it, because enough people talking about their belief in God gets pretty indistinguishable from religious meeting.
Why are you repeating yourself in a circle? Why do you not read what anyone actually says? All you are doing is saying the same thing ad nauseam and whining about people being rude to you. All your problems would be solved if you payed attention and made some effort to be coherent. You must have aluminium poisoning.

why are you people so stupid about this????????????



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