Why should we THINK like First-Century People when we don't even POOP like first-century people?

A crass topic heading leading to an even more crass metaphor of religion being full of it? Yes indeed, but think about it... People claim the bible is the divine communication from an omniscient creator to his lowly creation and that we should follow its teachings even today. But even on the matter of poop, the bible is ridiculously out of date. The bible says 'cover your poop so I, your lord god, do not accidentally step in it' (Deut. 23:13-15).

Putting aside for a moment that an omniscient being who can not navigate turd mines is seemingly admitting he is not so omniscient, you know what would have helped god? Some advice on sanitation and municipal water treatment!

Holy crap (sorry) some city plumbing schematics and "go forth and wash your hands and poop in a toilet" would have given Israel an unbelievable advantage. You'd think a just and loving god would opt for that over commanding all the war and rape and genocides.

When god comes back to Earth in the form of jesus does he correct this mistake? Nope. Instead of saying, "Hey, your feet are dirty, have I ever got a solution for you guys!" jesus starts giving out oily foot rubs to other dudes (not that there is anything wrong with it!).

And I rest my case on the foot massage point with this clip from Pulp Fiction.


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When someone or their pets do in fact take a dump in public, I would actually prefer they cover it up; maybe take a little portable shovel and dig a small 4-6" deep hole. They should also buy mandatory signposts from the government that will tax them on public sanitation that says, "Warning: My dog took a crap here. If you have any questions, call my cell at (XXX)XXX-XXXX".

Well, that's an interesting argument.  Are we now going to have fundies campaigning for traditional defecation?

Good answer Booklover.

Yes, indeed.




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