Why the Paucity of News Coverage of the Reason Rally?

I'm wondering why the seeming complete absence of any coverage of the Reason Rally by the major news networks this weekend. On Saturday, after running errands all morning, I came home for a few hours in the afternoon. CNN - nothing. Sunday morning - again nothing. NBC evening news - nothing. I'll grant that I do not watch all the major news outlets.  However when I was out running errands, I had NPR on the car radio - nothing. Didn't turn on MSNBC or FOX (then again, I'd rather watch a commercial on incontinence products than have to listen to FOX). Clicked on Google News and lo and behold - nothing. You had to type in "Reason Rally" in the search field, and even then, it was slim pickings at best.

One couldn't help but notice that the Trayvon Martin story dominated the headlines; even over the non-stop political babbling. And, I'm not saying the Trayvon Martin story isn't important. It is. (The coverage is less than stellar, in my opinion, but that's an entirely different topic). However, a peaceful gathering of between 10,000 and 20,000 non-religious people on the capitol grounds of what is falsely described as a "Christian Nation" would seem to merit some mention. 

It's possible I missed it, not having surveyed every network out there. Has this been everyone else's experience - or lack thereof? And if so, why do you think it was overlooked.

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F'cking Father Morris again, this is an example of what I was talking about on this and other threads. The mainstream media, especially local websites, are full of this crap, …and the comments sections are rife with the sour malodorous stench of the bigotry of Fundies and Teabagger Talibanites...

The positive stories as well, …the comments can be full of so much hate directed from theism to anything they deem "them" whether it's atheists, GLBT, women, minorities, …"liberals".

But, not just for these kind of attacks, but for organizing things like:

"I encourage others to go to the CBS News website here and log their own feedback.

In addition, here's the site for ABC News Feedback.

Feedback to NBC News may be sent to mediainquiries@msnbc.com."

That's why I started this group. For those who want to put the "active" into atheist activism, …without having to go anywhere...

Atheist Media Watch

…on Atheist Nexus.

Think; PZ Myers strategy of "Atheist Bombing"...

So, …do you have a voice?


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