I know that a lot of people on here spend a lot of time trying to convince theists that they are wrong, and you can waste a lot of breath explaining why ontological, cosmological and teleogical arguments for the existance of god fail to achieve closure and the best that can be said of them is that they are not proven, and the reason for this is that many theists have faith which means that 'evidence is irrelevant to faith' you can call them brianwashed or stupid or whatever you like but the fact of the matter is many theists will say 'I don't care if all the arguments about god point to his non-existance ..I still believe' and in the face of this attitude you cn never win.

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You can tell them that faith led people to believe the world is flat, and that it also leads people to murder.
Well yes but then this leads on to arguments about necessary evil, evils are practically necessary for various possible reasons.You can argue that evil things happen because its necessary that people have beem given freewill in order to do good things by choice, and they therefore have the oportunity to do evil.
I dont try to convert people, I only do my best to be a good person and prove that religion isn't the only thing that makes people good. It's funny to see the look on people's faces when they find out I'm an atheist. i think it blows their idea of a stereotypical atheist when they see how happy one can be. :-)
It is not so much trying to convert as it is letting people know that you dont have to believe in god. There is another option. I used to be a muslim, and when I lost my faith instead of becoming an atheist I tried Christianity then Hiduism. I never knew atheism existed, never knew it was an option. People should know that they dont have to have 'faith'.
Yes I suppose this is very true, if you don't know of an alternative or live in a culture where no alternative is admitted then it make only take a gentle nudge.
How ridiculous. I was a Christian, and a simple, thoughtful, consciousness-expanding comment converted me. Many people reading this are converted theists - how did they change?

You're right in saying that offending people won't convince them to change - but that doesn't mean we can't - we've just to to speak their language: http://www.explonential.com/how-to-convert-a-theist-3-arguments-for...




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