Why Voting in Midterm Elections is Crucial, especially in 2014

*disclaimer - i'm a liberal Democrat (no big surprise, i assume most people here are)

it's getting increasingly scary in Republicanland these days.  the news that freaked me out today was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell saying that if Republicans take back the Senate, he will go Nuclear on all filabusters, requiring just a majority approval for everything. 

what would be his agenda?

The minority leader sketched out what a Republican-led Senate would do with 51 votes. Job No. 1, he said, would be to repeal Obamacare. He also mentioned lifting the ban on oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, approving the Keystone XL pipeline and repealing the estate tax (which he called the “death tax”).

every one of those proposals would drastically benefit the wealthy while shitting on the poor and middle class.  and that's likely just the tip of the iceberg.  abortion, church/state separation, and education reforms (not in the good kind of way) would be right behind that.  and with an end to the minority to block the most problematic of these issues they would sail through the Senate and the House (assuming they hold the majority there too) right to the POTUS' desk. 

now so long as Obama is the president, that may not matter until 2016.  however, if by some absurd miracle we elect President Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or even Chris Christie, then all of those horrible things would become a reality. 

can you imagine an America like that?  i can, and it scares the shit out of me.

allow me to expand on a few things.  the economy is hanging on by a thread.  evidence continues to come out about the problems of wealth distribution, and how a regressive tax system is largely responsible.  yet Republicans want to make it MORE regressive, both lowering top marginal rates and eliminating the estate tax (which is probably the most progressive form of redistribution we have).  the middle class will get gutted.  worse, they'd also like to drastically cut programs that provide a safety net for the most vulnerable Americans.  that's just fucking sadistic. 

abortion rights in Red states or states that are 100% governed by Republicans, are evaporating before our very eyes.  with a Republican House, Senate, and Presidency you might as well kiss Roe v Wade goodbye. 

do you care about the environment?  know-nothing Republicans would eliminate the EPA, drill for oil in envirnomentally sensitive areas, or probably in your back yard if you've got a dollup of oil under there.  how about Climate Change?  nope, any hope of combating CO2 emissions or investment in alternative energy would be gone for a generation. 

want Creationism in public schools?  no?  well too bad.  you're not gonna tell them to keep God out of Science class.  you've got to teach the controversy, right?  it's all about debating controversial issues.  then, of course, we've got to drastically expand charter schools and voucher programs - you know, school choice.  as opposed to public schools, private and charters can teach whatever religious crap they want, and it has the side benefit of defunding public schools and those rascally teachers unions. 

care for rights for your gay friends and family?  sorry, that's got to go.  much new legislation would grant the federal gov't the right to determine how states handle this issue.  so much for the state's rights party. 

lastly, there's the likelihood of war.  those Muslim countries have had it easy under our Muslim President.  they're overdue for some serious bloodshed.  my personal belief is they want all out war with the Muslim world, and a trifecta of the Presidency, House, and Senate would give them the authority to bomb away. 

ok, rant over.  i really needed to get that off my chest.  hopefully, Democrats will realize the seriousness of what's at stake during next year's midterm elections.  i hate to be overly dramatic, but the way of life as we know it today is on the line. 

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