The main page has no explanation for the one day outage. Were we hacked? Was Ning malfunctioning?

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I have to wonder if there was some serious damage to the data base which required use of backups or something else going on at NING, Ruth.  The "explanation," such as it is, of regular maintenance doesn't cut the mustard with me, and I like you would like to hear some substantial answers.

To restore public faith in A/N I suggest full transparency. Otherwise an investigation may be in order. Charges may then be charged and those responsible will be held accountable. Of course if this is a privately maintained website...nevermind ;-)

Yes I would have thought the site would have a backup server - that's like website 101. I was really worried it was a DNS attack or something. This site is a home and refuge for me - what would I do without it?
That's strange. My response is multiplied over and over.

Steph, we can never get enough of you.  :)

I'd like to know about the outage as well.  If this was supposed to be regularly scheduled maintenance, we should have been notified beforehand. 

Awww how sweet - thank you Flying Atheist.

So was it maintenance outage or what?

For the record, we do not yet know what happened. We were not down for maintenance, and it looks like it might of been a DNS attack or something similar. Many have tried to take us down over the past year, but we were able to fight them off.

I assure you all that I focused on nothing else over the past 30 or so hours, and once we find the source, we will take measures to prevent it from happening again.

Qu'est-ce l'histoire, sinon une fable sur laquelle tout le monde est d'accord ?

Napoleon Bonaparte

what history, if not a fable on which everyone agrees?
Translate "qu'est-ce l'histoire, sinon une fable sur laquelle tout le monde est d'accord ?" from French
Is this correct? 

Napoleon is often difficult to translate. I would say, 'What is history, if not a fable on which all the world agrees' or 'What is history but a fable on which everyone agrees'.

I find it curious that trying to reload the page, having got the error message, simply got me the error message again. I guess what one needs to do is try again via a bookmark.

I just now realized the site has been up for at least 15 hours, because I got an update in E-mail with a link that worked.




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