The main page has no explanation for the one day outage. Were we hacked? Was Ning malfunctioning?

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One trick - don't just press the Reload Page button when you get the "Error 500" display, because it WILL, indeed, just reload the error page.  I made that mistake myself.

Yeah, I figured.


Why would it not surprise me if some damn fundie decided to put "dem atheeeusts" in their place?

Thanks for the explanation.  I think it is a compliment they want to take us down.  Maybe our message is getting across. Wish we could take them all down.  Wonder if the Pope has awakened.  I understand Mother Teresa had serious doubts in her last years.

I don't think I'd WANT the Ratman on my side.  Though I wouldn't mind it if he confessed his crimes.

"Awakened"?  That's and interesting thought, Lillie, but I don't give the pope that much credit.  He has too much hatred and bigotry to be non-religious.  He has some serious de-converting to do before we can recommend that he meet with "The Clergy Project."." 

I know Ning wasn't down, because I belong to another organisation that also uses Ning for its fora.

So if the answer is that Atheist Nexus was attacked somehow, it was only this Ning site and not Ning itself.




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