Time and Time again I'll go online and find videos of atheists denouncing religious people as being into the wrong mindset. Let's take a quick look at what an athiest has to look forward to: Living and then being dead. I don't think I can find a reason in this statement for any athiest to try and convert a religious person. Dead is dead, and if we're all going to die then why does it matter?

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Because the faith based mindset makes this life unpleaseant.
...and frankly, the worst way to find and understand the truth, is by faith. To be honest I don't care what other people tell themselves in order to feel better, or get them through the day - it can be delusional bliss, or just choosing to look at the brighter side of things- I do care when they do hurtful things to other people. It is also important to note that some religions are generally better than others- Buddhism tops the list as being the least harmful, if not positive in someways, at the opposite end of the scale you find terrorist Islamic fundamentalism. The best (im)possible religion would be one that is correct, verifiably, in it's doctrines (but then it would be science right...), the next best religion is one that motivates you to be the best you can be, and makes you feel good without any of the huge downsides... for example, you are promised a wonderful afterlife as long as you are a person who tries to leave the world better than when you entered it, and that you do unto others as you would have them do to you... that's it, the best religion. Simple isn't it, and without all the often sick unwanted extras found in most religions.
Why would the fact that we're going to die make it not matter? Granted, when you sum life up as living, then not living, it doesn't sound very exciting, but by the same token you can sum up what the religious have to look forward to as living, followed by more living. Fortunately it's not that simple. I don't spend my life looking forward to dying, but to things I want to do with my life that I still have time to try and accomplish. In some way, I look forward to our species achieving a more reasonable way of conducting ourselves on the large scale even though I'll be long dead by the time we'll be around long enough to develop that kind of behavior. I look forward to humankind developing the technology to leave earth, to cure every disease, to live untold number of years, to spread across the galaxy and begin, in earnest, to find out if we're the only lifeforms here or not. I hope that our next evolutions continue to become more intelligent than we are now. I believe that religion interferes with these things and makes life suck, and on some level I feel that my actions now have the potential to be connected in a positive way with the future of our species, even if I am not there to see it.

Why would one want to eradicate ignorance, fear, bigotry and violence?


Ignorance + fear + bigotry x violence= religion.

Why do us meaningless beings feel the need to help others out of a painful lifestyle? My mirror neurons must be fried.




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