Wife appointed interim librarian - all three atheists now work in village government.

Okay, so village politics of a town of 128 people in the Nebraska panhandle probably aren't Earth-shattering.

First, last December, in a five-way special election I threw my hat into, I won a seat on the city council by one vote.

Then, upon the sudden quitting of the village maintenance mechanic, the village hired the other atheist in town besides my wife for the job.

Now, my wife was appointed by the library board as Interim Library Director on the sudden resignation of the previous librarian and the embezzlement charge against the assistant librarian.

So every atheist in town now is employed by the village government (though my job, village trustee, does not pay).

My wife (BethKz) oversaw moving the library to its new location, and upon unpacking all the books noted there was not a Bible in the library collection (other than an 1820's four volume study Bible that cannot be checked out for obvious reasons). As 125 of the 128 people here are Christians, when she turned in her next purchase order it included one for a Bible. (I suggested donating our print edition of the Skeptic's Annotated Bible but she wouldn't hear of it.)

The order was challenged by the village board. (On library issues I always abstain due to conflict-of-interest.) They wanted to know that as an atheist why she would be ordering a Bible for the library.

She pointed out in her position she is first a Library Director, and that such a book has an obvious calling in our village public library. Her religious belief or lack thereof has nothing to do with doing her job.

The board approved of the purchase 4-0 (with my abstention).

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Sounds like you are turning your small town into a festering pit of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

I have to laugh at the village board questioning the requisition for a Bible by an atheist, as if there were some nefarious satanic plan in the works. 

Of course! If anyone reads it they might think something is wrong with preacher-man or the bible and get all stirred confused.
Congratulations on the jobs.

By the way, James, all kidding aside, I want to add that you and your wife sound like a real class act. 

DItto for me.

I was going to say something snarky like "I hope the bible is filed under fiction" but that would be to obvious and someone probably already said it.

I"m proud of you James, Beth, and the village mechanic.

James, your wife showed an example of real professionalism -- and morality!

"I hope the bible is filed under fiction"

... reminds me of this cartoon by Loren Fishman:

Good job congratulation to you both.

Hey James!

This is Philip Wells, Steve's son and partner in the SAB Books enterprise.  

We'd be happy to donate a copy of the Skeptic's Annotated Bible to your library, if you like! 

Sounds like this was all handled professionally. Good politics as well.

I'd sure be interested in any atheistic shenanigans that unfold in the garage where the mechanic works. Let him know he's welcome to report here.

I assume the Village idiot position is still being filled by a theist though?





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