There's a famous saying that, "Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them."


I can't recall the originator - but with recent events in America - and the resulting pathetic rhetoric about political behavior, ignoring the smoking gun/elephant in the room - can America ever shed its historical feudal right to bear arms? Does anyone else think its about time it did?


There really is no need for a civilian to bear arms in the modern USA and despite all the laws - and the impenetrably powerful gun loonie lobby - isn't it about time American politicians grew spines and decided that this really is enough.


A little girl, born on 9/11/2001 lost her most basic and precious right, life itself because another man had the right to carry a gun. Americans you have Megan's law - how about a law to remember this little girl and abandon your primitive right to hold a tool which serves no purpose than to take life.


I note the the people most pro guns are also the most right-wing, pro-Life and pro-God - and if that doesn't prove what an anachronism this law is, I don't know what does.

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That's pretty much the impression I get of the British monarchy.  They're just kind of there, except they do serve a very real purpose.  They act as an elite diplomatic corps.  They serve that role quite well.
"Who said I prefered a monarch?"
You like in UK, right? You still have the right to move to a free land, right? You choose to stay protected by your crown.
"As for your chart - I very specifically stated FIRST world countries"
Oh? I must have missed you saying that.
But still, since your argument that guns are the enemy, what difference if its 3rd world or first? It's not the people, it's the gun, right?
"America is a young democracy"
" - and a burgeoning theocracy"
Your opinion. I live here and don't share it.
"which is why the muslim countries hate her so much."
Haven't you heard? They hate us for our freedom!
Muslim nations hate American government because it meddles in everyone's business and uses American's money to do so. American's have so much because we work so hard. And because we've so much less Socialism than most other nations. (But we're catching up fast.)
I'm not attacking you; I'm stating fact. We all choose to stay or go. In fact I'm working hard to go. I don't like this what this country is becoming and I don't like this government. I'm moving somewhere much freer.
Funny thing is, I won't be able to own a firearm there. Funnier still, I don't own any here either. But I'm still pro-RKBA.
"America is violent and many of its people are arrogant, aggressive and introspective with little care or regard to the damage they are causing to the planet they share."
Oh. Now you're going to bang the Global Warming, oh sorry, I mean the Climate Change gong! What horrible things is America doing to your god, Mother Earth? Could it be...Capitalism?
"The 2nd amendment is..." Why do you care? You don't see American's bitching about UK's constitution...oh wait. Sorry, you don't have one.
But still. You guys have a piece of paper too you know? I for one think they should totally get rid of Clause 39 (changed to 29).
I mean if your government says someone committed a crime, the criminal should simply be locked away or beheaded, or whatever you guys do to your criminals now. That stuff was written way long ago. It's a different England. Much more civilized. And imagine how much more efficient your courts would be without that ancient law mucking everything up. It is bygone memory of an outmoded piece of evolutionary history.
"I don't really care if you have a violent past."
Why do you imagine I have a violent past? Cannot it be that I have been a victim of crimes?
"I care that your country cannot see beyond its own boundary."
I'm certain you meant to say 'borders.' We can't take our guns through customs. Of course our military can and does.
"I care that your short-sighted right to carry a weapon allows a crazy person to take a life: and that is somehow OK."
No, this right only allows us to meet deadly force with deadly force, and like Switzerland, to protect against violent takeover. If a criminals life is taken because he chose to commit a violent crime, this is called justice.
"Life is pointless but that does not give anyone the right to deny the life of another human being at will: which is what happened to that little girl."
No. No little girl was killed. I've yet to see anything pointing to the fictitious killing of this fictitious girl. I saw one teeny little mention of some fictitious girl, but no link, no names, nothing.

And life isn't pointless. Shit man, that's why gods were invented! To give meaning to life. You sound like a perfect candidate to sample that Koolaide!
Fall in love, reproduce, hit a bong, drop 500 mics of some killer 25 and tell me life is meaningless!
That's ok, John. I won't respond with any smart-assed comments. You're obviously another brain-dead liberal worshiping at the alter of O'Bama.
...because you don't want people who disagree with you living in "your" country?
In a free, stateless nation you would be in charge...of yourself.
I'm sorry, John D, what side is yours?
I'm not at all sure what you mean, although I suspect you meant to use a different word. Maybe it was 'too'?
You see youngster, there are three ways in English to make that sound, and they all have different meanings.
" Haha Bobb (with three bs) You are reduced to picking on my spelling. A sure sign of insecurity. Would you be a successful caveman?"

Yes, 3 B's. It may surprise you to know that Bobb Hale is not my real name. Yes, I know, one must always use ones real name on the interwebs, but I choose not to. I have a website/domain/email list called, hence my nick.

Funny you should mention caves. I'm involved in a study at UTK looking at a fungus that is killing bats. We do a lot of caving. So LOL.

"And how fricken old are you that you would call me a youngster? I'm 49."

I am older than you but only by 5 years. My prof. who is running the study is 71.

"You are way to old to be a successful caveman... right?"

Too. The word is too; "Too old". I thought you were intelligent but I was mistaken.
You know, being a grammar Nazi is amusing, if you're doing it as a joke.  TNT666 and I have this running joke going on over that sort of thing.  If you're doing it to try to belittle someone online, then you just come off as a prick.

To and too are easy if you just remember that you use "too" when there are "too many" somethings because it has "too many Os". The other two (*cough*) are very easy to (*cough*) confuse. This is just too funny... *choke*





No John, just a linguaphile (and I was a professional writer in a former life).
I plead guilty to being a prick then.


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