Will being active on Atheist Nexus help you live longer?

I dont know the answer to that. A recent study showed that having no friends is as hazardous as smoking 15 cigarettes daily. I like to think that my friends here help me live healther and that I do the same in return.


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I certainly hope not. Lol.

I should have read more than the header.

I've always been in the danger zone: growing up feeling unwanted and isolated made me shy and unfit for big groups of people, and to this day being with people takes a lot of my energy, even if I enjoy the company. I still have very few friends and absolutely no daily contacts. So, yes, I think A/N and other groups help a lot. I don't really worry about living longer, but I do appreciate the better quality of life thanks to the interaction with like-minded people! 

...being with people takes a lot of my energy, even if I enjoy the company.

I resemble that remark! And I too appreciate the interaction with wonderful people here.

Chris, your self-description describes me to a T. Actually, your entire pist does.

Daniel, you know, as a little old lady, I love you and you won't take offense when I tell you I laughed when I read your post to Chris, ".... your entire pist does".

OH! By the way, I have to tell you, Daniel, I was wrong in my assessment of Gillette and I agree with you. 

One of the things I like best about Atheist Nexus is the fact that I can be wrong and no one calls me bad names. I do receive differences of opinion, which always causes me to rethink my position. Thanks, dear friends.

oops. i meant entire post! damn these fat fingers! Glad you found it funny :-)

If anyone calls you bad names just for disagreeing, please send them to me. I'll ream them a new one, so to speak.

Yes, it was funny, but in a painful way ... I can't compose a decent comment on my cell phones. My fat fingers do not allow such a courtesy. 

We are kind of a tight-knit support group for each other!

Yes, we will be the longest living group in the history of humankind :)

Hopefully to be superseded by our offspring, then theirs.  

It will take a lot to outlive 7th day adventists. They last a long time.

Daniel, what do 7th day adventists have that shorter-lived people don't have?

SDAs dont smoke, dont drink,are usually not overweight, are usually vegetarian or vegan, have strong sense if involvement in their community, and usually have a strong connectness to each other.



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