Will being active on Atheist Nexus help you live longer?

I dont know the answer to that. A recent study showed that having no friends is as hazardous as smoking 15 cigarettes daily. I like to think that my friends here help me live healther and that I do the same in return.


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I certainly hope not. Lol.

I should have read more than the header.

I've always been in the danger zone: growing up feeling unwanted and isolated made me shy and unfit for big groups of people, and to this day being with people takes a lot of my energy, even if I enjoy the company. I still have very few friends and absolutely no daily contacts. So, yes, I think A/N and other groups help a lot. I don't really worry about living longer, but I do appreciate the better quality of life thanks to the interaction with like-minded people! 

...being with people takes a lot of my energy, even if I enjoy the company.

I resemble that remark! And I too appreciate the interaction with wonderful people here.

Daniel, you know, as a little old lady, I love you and you won't take offense when I tell you I laughed when I read your post to Chris, ".... your entire pist does".

OH! By the way, I have to tell you, Daniel, I was wrong in my assessment of Gillette and I agree with you. 

One of the things I like best about Atheist Nexus is the fact that I can be wrong and no one calls me bad names. I do receive differences of opinion, which always causes me to rethink my position. Thanks, dear friends.

Yes, it was funny, but in a painful way ... I can't compose a decent comment on my cell phones. My fat fingers do not allow such a courtesy. 

We are kind of a tight-knit support group for each other!

Hopefully to be superseded by our offspring, then theirs.  

Daniel, what do 7th day adventists have that shorter-lived people don't have?

True. One of secrets to longevity is social activity. I live alone out in the country, and it's difficult to be sociable. Family and golfing friends get me out of the house and into society. Winters are hard, however. Pets help. I'm glad I have my dog, Dot. And, of course, I depend on my A/N contacts. Thanks for being there (here).

I feel you Randall. As peaceful as living in the country is the winters are especially isolating. Life is a series of trade offs. I'm about ready to trade the quiet country for town.

Kathy, you might want to avoid Cincinnati, aka Taft Town for the conservative Taft family.

Long after my dad took his family to Florida, I learned how rabidly Republican US Senator Robert Taft was.

I think being active PERIOD allows people to live longer, or that seems to me what multiple studies along similar lines has shown.  Granted that Alzheimer's remains seriously problematic, along with multiple other geriatric diseases and disorders, but the simple matter of getting off your duff and DOING SOMETHING rather than vegetating has to make a difference.

This year has been a bit of a downer for me, mostly owing to having to use most of my disposable cash to pay to replace a LONG run of rotten pipe which once serviced my kitchen, but once that's behind me, I hope to do all sorts of neat things ... possibly including taking up the martial arts again and maybe attending a high-performance driving course!

I'll let ya know!

Martial arts? For a senior? What about arthritic fingers and such?




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