Will being active on Atheist Nexus help you live longer?

I dont know the answer to that. A recent study showed that having no friends is as hazardous as smoking 15 cigarettes daily. I like to think that my friends here help me live healther and that I do the same in return.


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Thank you Daniel, your question is a very surprising thought. In answer, I don't know if A-N will make us live longer. But I can say that it does improve our quality of life. My son and I have medical issues that have made me think on this subject often. There is no reason to live a long life and be miserable, thus the quality of life we have is more important than quantity. Surely a better quality of life adds much quantity. Therefore I would like to thank everyone at A-N for helping me to live much longer!!!

I have no friends or family that I can talk to about science, or gardening, or anything else I enjoy.  Religion always rears it's ugly head or simmers beneath the surface, preventing me from enjoying the conversation.

Friends here on Atheist Nexus help me from being as depressed as I would otherwise be, so I suspect it does prolong my life and more importantly, improves my quality of life.

Spud, that's the thing. Social isolation because many older atheists are in areas that deny science and fact. The bible rules in this area. Except for the younger people. More are starting to question the myths they were raised with

"Will being active on Atheist Nexus help you live longer?"

I have no idea! Here is what I do know. 

Why was I born? Because an egg and a sperm got together and resulted in a being known as Joan Denoo. 

What is the meaning of life? None! I am the scion of thousands of generations of humans, most of whom had a life far more difficult than mine. 

What happens to me when I die? I return to the elements that developed in the course of my growing. 

What brings me pleasure? Exchanging ideas with others on Atheist Nexus, learning from each other, supporting each other as we take on the contrarian view of having no evidence of any god, celebrating with A/N friends as we grow in numbers, confidence and competence. 

Will my life be longer? Who knows; it surely has more quality than not knowing these very special people. 

I find there to be a distinction between the Meaning of Life and having meaning in your life, in your friends and family, and in your community. Often we can find our own subjective meaning while leaving the former as ultimately unanswerable 

I agree with the Meaning in Life. That right there is the freedom to choose what is meaningful or not in your own life rather than following the traditions of what old farts and geezers have passed down from generations ago.

I like your response, too, Thomas. 

Oh, yes! Thanks, James, for pointing out the distinction. You are quite right. 



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