Will cities worldwide have a choice but to farm vertically? Plantagon says no...

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If we are smart we will. What we are presently doing is unsustainable, just as printing money to get out of debt will not continue because money,USD, that is, will be worthless. Money that was earned trumps printed any day, simply because it is real ! Same as our money running out , so it will be with our land and other resources that are being squandered away.  Problem : Space abuse caused by overpopulation. Prosperity is a great thing, however, it too is a precious resource. This planet is only so big, and, can not continue to feed, clothe, and, house continually exploding numbers of abusive, greedy, selfish, and, hungry, people forever. If we really are all brothers and sisters, then, why can't we adopt the world's homeless children for a few millenniums, and then see, how things work out? 

I hate to gild the lily but I'm sure everyone here can guess what is keeping the rest of everyone else from having that very special global dialogue about morals and values.

I like your point about adopting homeless children. It's against the law, unfortunately, and you could potentially go to jail if you're harboring a runaway. Independent homeless youths in homeless shelters are not orphans, though they might as well be. Because they still have families the state prefers those children to be with their parents. Which is weird, because if the kid had stayed in that abusive relationship and the state found out social services would have put the kid into foster care. Supposedly you are supposed to contact police so child protective services can figure out what to do, but in my experiences they just return the kid to the parents.

The city I live in has outreach programs for homeless youths matched dollar for dollar by the federal government, something up to $1 million in total funding, which is great. But you can't adopt those kids.

haaaa.. gild away! WA is the shiznet from what i gathe w/berry farming etc..

When I was younger, possibly in my late teens, I read an article in Tech Review about vertical farms the size of skyscrapers in big cities to help deal with overpopulation issues. It was such a wonderful idea that it's stuck in my head ever since. It also puzzles me why nobody has done this yet on a large scale. I've heard of test farms but nothing like a skyscraper or that very interesting concept shown in your video.

I also wonder what zombie movies would be like if these tomato towers were key plot points.

corporations ()monsanto? 
buy the license 
shelf the product..?

I wouldn't be surprised, considering the conduct of that corporation.

What really irks me is that this is the kind of straight-forward technology we should be researching if we aim to colonize other planets. NASA should be on this.

I don't think NASA will catch up in time to effect this problem, however, Your point is well taken. You see,.. I was young once also, and , we,.. in the olden days, felt that NASA would at least be colonizing the Moon , if not, Mars by now ! How silly !! Almost as silly as capturing "run a ways" to save the Earth ! Wouldn't you agree?

Not done because there is, at least now, no need whatsoever and it is very expensive and cumbersome. The world currently produces enough food (the pockets of starvation are political and social in nature) just happily on good old flat ground. And there is quite a bit of it still available.

Unless cities get to dominate the landmass (unlikely by population projections) there will be no need for such techno toys.

I think an easier solution is encourage people to have personal gardens where they live. I know that everyone doesn't live in the burbs or in a house for that matter but, if more people did this it would decrease the cost of food. The added benefit to this approach is that people start to see the issues with GMOs because they are more in control of the kinds of plants they grow. (Who the hell would rather have natural vs. GMO food) Back in the old days people did exactly these things and more. This is a major reason why people were able to pull through the great depression! I doubt many people could survive a similar crisis today.




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