The other day, i saw a youtube clip of michio kaku talking about the existence of aliens. He said that we are looking for aliens in 3 different categories. Types 1, 2, 3. He then explains that each one is a level of how advanced that civilization is. "a type 1 civilization would be a civilization which has the ability to control the weather, earthquakes, the home planet. It wouldn't get its energy from dead plants but instead the mother star". He then describes that a type2 civilization is un-stoppable. it is indestructible. It gets its energy from multiple stars, the species exists as a single civilization in multiple star systems. It can move planets, stop super nova and can travel between star systems. Then a type3 civilization was described as a civilization with god-like powers. It can travel across the entire universe. It can pretty much do whatever it like. It could even travel through time and create matter!

"But where are we on the scale?" he says. "are we 1, 2 or 3? NO we are type0. we get our energy from plants and can't even leave our own planetary system". "Will we ever make it to a type1 civilization? If we do it will be the greatest moment in human history". But we must get rid of things like war, religion, famine, and other obstacles. We must also enhance things like space travel, clean powerful energy sources, better education, better health.. etc. Michio Kaku believes that this will all happen in the next 100 years or so. "The generation of today is the most important to EVER live. Them and their grandchildren will likely be around to see the transition between type0 to 1, or the end of humans". This is the riskiest thing in humanity, we probably won't make it.

I would like you to put in what you think our outcome will be. I think we will make it, but loose things along the way. 

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"The generation of today is the most important to EVER live."

Sounds like a would-be political or religious leader hoping to attract followers.

Is or was a theoretical physicist? He's now doing public relations.

Has he made a career change?

Stellar engineering and fully bidirectional applications of E=MC2 (matter from energy as well as energy from matter) are so far beyond our current scientific capacities that I'd say wait at least a century or two before even considering them. We're still learning to walk in that realm. Hundred-yard wind-sprints and full marathons are a substantial ways off yet.

In short, I think you answered your own question.  Maybe, but only if we conquer our inner demons.

The next generation is the most important ever could probably have been said at any time in history and been correct, although the rate of change per generation does appear to be exponential. The fact that the nuclear bomb was invented 70 years ago and we're still here while things like information and idea sharing are skyrocketing seems like a good sign we'll make it.

It's an excellent sign, actually, particularly the information availability business.  That is the primary engine which will allow us to get shut of the detritus of religion and woo and REALLY allow us to move forward.  Right now is the struggle and it'll probably go on for a while.  Still, the neatest thing about this whole business is that if learning and rate of change are exponential functions, it's very likely we're at the knee of both curves right now.

Once we get past the irrationality ... fasten yer seat belts!

And in addition to technology advancement, most of the world isn't even 'connected' yet. As the third world advances it may not be without some rough points, but ultimately will advance us even faster. I hope the rest of the world catches up and we advance together. If not, that will be the biggest form of friction and conflict. The nice thing is information and ideas are cheap.

Actually, information and ideas are not cheap.  They are precious, invaluable, and irreplaceable.  The ability to share them - easily, quickly and without fuss - that's what's cheap, and a good thing, too.

Yeah cheap might not have been the best terminology. Maybe you could say that for the first time ever, they are on sale!

I think we are at a great "crossroads," if you will. I do not place my hopes on any particular group. I place my hopes in individuals such as ourselves. If you look back on those who saved the jews, for example,(I know, some of you guys will pitch a bitch) it was the people you would have least expected. I have a lot of hope in mankind. We, as a civilization, tend to let things get out of hand before we do anything about it all. But we do something about it all, nonetheless. Humans are so resilient to disaster. We slowly seem to be getting better. Ignore the bad news and look at the overall picture; we are doing better!   

He is in fact a theoretical physicist. That said, he is still somewhat of a flake.

As for "this is the most important generation that ever lived" nonsense, without the last one this one would never have lived at all.

Without first learning how to control fire, there would be no technology to speak of.

All generations have been equally important since abiogenesis started things off.




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