Will God destroy California with an earthquake if Prop 8 is struck down?

Will God be angry with if it legalizes gay marriage? Angry enough to destroy the entire state with a massive earthquake? Apparently there are signs and portents everywhere that indicate this is so... at least according to a number of pro-Proposition 8 evangelical ministers and their followers. Cindy Jacobs of Generals International, a group that seeks social transformation through prophecy and prayer, is alarmed about it. She has just received an "urgent prayer alert from our good friend Chuck Pierce concerning California" and its possible fate if Proposition 8 isn't upheld in court (Prop. 8 was a 2008 ballot which changed the CA constitution to effectively stop gay marriages, which courts had determined to be legal a short time earlier. Now Prop. 8 itself is being challenged in court).
More details on the signs and portents from their Jan. 6th prayer alert here.

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LOL!! what is it with these fundies and gay folks?

I can think of nothing more devoid of logic.

The bible says alot of crazy things; stoning your teenager for not obeying parents, eating shellfish is unclean and a sin, etc, etc.

the bible says lots of things are "abominations"! homosexuality is only one of many.

Why single out gays?


Its funny, seems like "god" hates all the same folks they do!! Isnt that interesting?

Of course, when accused of being a stupid narrow minded bigot, a fundie will say; it's the "sin" we

hate, not the person (who we love!! LOL!! total BS)

Let's find a place that has earthquakes regularly, and every few years or couple of decades there's a big one.  Then let's predict that there will be an earthquake.


I predict that there will also be hot weather in the desert, snow in alaska, and stupidity in washington DC.  All because Sarah Palin is popular and rich and Michelle Bachman is evil and willfully stupid.

"I predict that there will also be hot weather in the desert, snow in alaska, and stupidity in washington DC."


"And lo, shall it be written, and shall it be so."

Stanleyastes 1:3


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