Is the Christian ethic militaristic?  Bertrand Russell in "Why I Am Not A Christian and other essays" said [A]s the Mohammedans first proved, belief in Paradise has considerable military value as reinforcing natural pugnacity.  We should therefore admit that militarists are wise in encouraging the belief in immortality."  Would we still be in so many wars if we were not a largely Christian nation?

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The West has not shown restraint, we have murdered, plundered, slain, assassinated all over the world. I see no reason why China would be any different once they reach that world leading status.
I've always felt that religious belief facilitates the waging of war. If people believe in an afterlife it seems psychologically easier to risk one's life or deprive others of theirs. Could the slaughter of WW1 have taken place if everyone had been a sceptical atheist? The US, however has a huge economic motive for continued militarization. The money being made through the sale of military materials, equipment, food and fuel is staggering. Even if not actually fighting the simple maintenance of military forces generates a lot of revenue. Of course many people who subscribe to religious beliefs, especially the fundamentalist Christian Right, seem to me to be more easily convinced of the necessity of going to war. Perhaps this is related to their inclination to accept authority, their disinclination to analytical thinking, or both.

Just a point of information... not that international aid relates to war...

That is a misleading graph. The fact remains in pure dollars, we are the greatest contributor of aid throughout the world.
Absolute numbers are never as revealing as relative values. The USA is the 3rd largest population in the world and the richest, it is defacto going to be on the top of a gazillionn lists, the only way to make sense of them is to put things in their proper perspective.
That is not proper perspective. Every time there is a natural disaster, who is their to aid people? The U.S. is the greatest force for good in the world helping people when disasters and famine strike.
misleading? it says GDP, i dont understand how its misleading. graphs based on GDP are usedfor just about every country comparison there is. what? you want to use dollars, then every nation other then the US will go up or down every year even tho to them they are spending the exact same amount of their currency.
Everything can't be measured by GDP as throwing money at a problem is not the only answer. Who provides the troops (both commissioned and non-commissioned) during natural disasters and famines? Such expenditures and national effort is not included in these "GDP numbers". The U.S. is the one who sends the mass amount of ground force and support along with helicopters, planes, etc. which are not again included in these numbers. Who has helped organize and implement the massive programs such as the HIV programs in Africa which have saved millions of lives each year? Again, America. Throwing too much money at a problem can indeed have the opposite intended effect in increasing corruption. These misleading data do not take into account the whole picture and effects of aid and assistance.
@Butterfly Ocean: We Canadians have stood with you in Afghanistan for ten years. Per capita, our casualties there were higher than the US or UK. The only thing that scares most of us is the fact that your Republican Party seems dominated by ignorant, superstitious, warlike bumpkins.
We are fighting a war on terror. Our foreign policy has nothing to do with Christianity. As long as there are Islamic radicals who want to attack us and our way of life along with violating human rights - the U.S. and the international community must stay resolved in taking the fight to them. Your whole premise is incorrect.
Then we are fighting ourselves for we are the biggest terrorists. "We" being Western civilisation for the past 500 years.
We are the biggest terrorists? Maybe you should move to Saudi Arabia and enjoy your brethren there. Until then, get your head out of your ass and understand that we have freedoms in which people are killed all around the world for simply being a certain religion, race, sexual orientation, creed, or holding certain beliefs. We in the west are a force for good, freedom, and democracy all over the world. We demonstrated our values by standing with the Libyan people in a conflict which had no direct benefit to the United States.




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