Will the Abrahamic religions ever admit that they are wrong about LGBTQ people ?

I know there are exceptions to this but this sadly still applies to the mainstream sects. 

I was sent to a Catholic school and there I was brought up in a place where same sex relationships were never discussed or acknowledged and we did study the bits of the Bible that forbod them.Sex Ed was literally hilarious, we were told that our genitals are not for fun and are only meant to procreate once we got married to someone of the other sex, I also got duped into taking a chastity pledge lol. Anyway all this affected me, I knew I was gay but I was so ashamed of it I decided that I would never let the feelings to get to me so I repressed and tried to detach them from myself, that obviously doesn't work so I ended up spending my teenage years all alone, not letting people get close to me (in-case I developed feelings for them) and eventually ended up becoming an atheist (after a crazy dabble with Islam when I was 19) 

Anyway I just wonder if these religions will accept that their scriptures, whatever are wrong about LGBT people, science has shown that its not this sinful choice they claim it is, that we love and feel the same as anyone else in a relationship. 

I mean these rules were written when the religion had to grow, they wanted as much baby making as possible even if that meant scaring gay people into following suit etc.

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Some will, some won't.  Those that do may last a bit longer, but will come a cropper from other bigoted or ridiculous positions their doctrines hold.

Slowly but surely, humankind is beginning to recognize that one's beliefs need to be reality-based and that a failure to do so can be problematic at best and fatal at worst.


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