Will the Arab spring in Lybia, Egypt, Iran and other countries succeed? With the rebels still pushing their nations to be considered officially Islamic, is that a sign that they don't understand the fundamental issues, and will just end up back at square one again?

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A sane Arab Spring would know that lasting freedom can only come by first acknowledging the anti-democratic nature of Islam, and hence either promoting mass apostasy or somehow reforming Islam.

But since they have not done this, merely toppling the reigning power will likely lead to a regression towards traditional Islam.

And, as Sam Harris has told us, traditional Islam is anything but sunshine and lollipops:

Sam Harris: The Problem with Islamic Fundamentalism are the Fundamentals of Islam

Obama, the "great" community organiser, has helped topple Arab leaders without doing the groundwork in the community necessary to reform Islam. Hence the "arc of history" is likely to bend back towards traditional Islam.

Even Turkey, the supposed beacon of secular Islam, is regressing towards fundamentalism. Erdogan and his cronies have locked up numerous journalists and military leaders on trumped-up charges.
The freedom fighters, once having obtained power, become the new oppressors.
Egypt is still treating the Christians badly, and it's the Army that's doing it.




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