I don't know if I've ever heard any position by any religion on what is supposed to happen to the developmentally disabled or people who are otherwise intellectually compromised in death. Within the perameters of religion do people without the ability to fully understand and/or assert a belief go to hell or purgatory, etc.? I understand that this may be a question for a religious forum or for those who believe in a religion, but I figured I'd pose it here too.

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Or as long as the Internet exists.

Joan, that was beautifully stated.  If I didn't see your picture there, I could have sworn I was reading something by Carl Sagan.   

Thank you Flying Atheist. My hope is my writing is improving. 

The Mormons feel that the developmentally disabled are special people maybe even Angels. if I can believe what I have been told.  My son was born with cerebral palsey and he is 33.  If there was such a thing as angels he is one. but he can be a little devil at times when the mood strikes him. He isn't able to walk talk sit up or care for himself. He does has a certain attraction to well endowed blondes.  lol 

Thanks, Rick, for sharing. Yes, I am sure he can be both angel and devil and his hormones don't appear to be disabled. 

Two weeks ago he had a visit by the supervising RN, Stacy  and she was very cute, blue eyes and very blonde; I wish I had had a movie camera trained on him when she walked into his room.  his jaw dropped and he was mesmerised for the entire hour she was here.  The best occurred when she touched him to listen to his heart. He stopped breathing; I guess as they say took his breath away.  I had to close his mouth and tell him to breath because he was in a trance.

This week a new supervising nurse came to the house and when he heard me say the nurse was coming today he got this smile on his face that told you his wheels were turning and he was in great anticipation; the nurse walked into his room and he looked at her and you could tell that he was disappointed when he realized she wasn't stacy. he did smile but his eyes didn't smile like they did for Stacy. after a bit he started smiling more because she was a blonde also just not as Blonde as Stacy.

He is very funny and he loves to travel especially to tourist locations because he gets all of the eye candy he can handle.

I like reading your comments about your son. It reads like you have a very strong and loving bond. Did the new nurse have a caring and compassionate demeanor? Perhaps he will learn beauty is deeper than surface features. 

This new nurse is just a one hour a month supervisory RN who checks up on he regular nurses, he has a regular nurse who has been with us for seven years. 

He loves all women but women with blonde hair and being well endowed has its own story.  He was diagnosed with a problem with central vision and could not focus well so he would look at people by turning his head sideways.  The Dr gave us a list of exercises to do with him to get him to focus on something while looking straight ahead it was a chore and we spent countless hours working with him but it was his sister and a show called Baywatch that actually corrected his vision. 

His sister would watch the show and one day I noticed that he was watching when Pam Anderson would bounce across the screen in slow motion. It wasn't that he was watching the show but he was watching it intently whenever Pam was on. I watched him watching Pam and he was staring at her straight on so intently, I was amazed and so happy that I bought him her red bathing suit poster and put up every picture of her I could find on his bedroom wall. they are still there today.

This story is so refreshing! You obviously pay attention to your son and notice his interests and respond positively. Good job! You have the makings of a book here. 




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