the culture wars are hitting a crescendo with the fall elections right around the corner.  i've written before that we have 2 very different Americas right now.  there are so few in between that the neithers are scarcely worth mentioning.  the two Americas - the Progressives vs. the Conservatives. 

in one corner we have the Progressives, who are socially tolerant, believe in separation of Church and State, Scientifically minded, and fact based. 

in the other corner are the Convservatives, who are socially intolerant, Theocratic minded, Science denying, fear based, conspiracy theory embracing, and full of anger. 

i'm sure there are some who would disagree with this synopsis, but it's getting hard to argue against this point of view.  the ideological divide couldn't be greater.  while this increased polarization concerns me, what truly worries me is the increasingly loud cries from Conservatives when they don't get their way.  many Conservative states are threatening to ignore Federal laws, or secede from the Union entirely.  some wingnuts are calling for armed resistance.  typically i could chalk this up to tough talk or empty rhetoric.  but the intense hatred for the sitting President from the Right makes me wonder if this is the case. 

the noise is growing louder and more intense.  for now it's just noise, but come November, if Obama is re-elected, will it become something more?  from browsing some of the dark corners of the internet i get the sense that they believe Romney winning is a foregone conclusion.  how could a communist Muslim who is out to destroy America possibly win again?  to them, such a thing is impossible.  what if the unthinkable happens though?  if they wake up on November 7th and find that Obama will be the President for another 4 years, can they handle it? 

i think if Obama is re-elected that millions of Conservative brains will simply blow a gasket.  what happens next frightens me. 

my questions are twofold:

1.  is an armed insurgence here in America a possibility? 

2.  what would happen if such a thing occurred? 

ps - i think it's fair to say that if Romney wins no such call to arms would be a possibility.  doesn't that say something about the nature of the two sides?

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If Romney wins, violence might be delayed but I think it'll eventually be far more widespread. Why?

5 Things You Can Expect from Washington if You Elect Republicans

With climate destabilization kicking in, having incompetents in charge can only lead to breakdown. A Republican White House wouldn't hesitate, in my opinion, to use force to put down protests, compounding US problems.

I heard on MSNBC today that the NRA sent out a contribution appeal three days after the Colorado shooting to the effect that President Obama is going to "confiscate our guns" if reelected.  I can assure them no such thing will happen because the NRA has law makers in its pocket.  They plan to use the money to put ads out to that effect.  Also the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that there are now over 1200 white supremacy militias in the US which greatly expanded after the election of Barack Obama.  Violence you say?



Southern Poverty Law Center

David Horsey of the LA Times had an apropos cartoon and article about that:

Sick symbiosis between Colorado killings and NRA fundraising

It is not too much of a stretch to say the National Rifle Assn. profits from mass killings like the slaughter at the theater in Aurora, Colo., and the killings at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis. The NRA is, after all, a fundraising machine that runs on fear and a sense of crisis, even when the fear is false and the crisis manufactured. [...]

I heard that too. In 2008 there were just over 100 such militias. That represents a 1000% increase in 4 years. Scary (if true).

the militia info appears accurate.  although it's only a 755% uptick since '08. 

i had another thought on this subject.  the history of Christianity is choc full of disobedience.  it is required of Believers to accept what they are taught as fact, and most do.  every now and again though, some in their denomination become uneasy with some things that are being taught, and eventually, they leave to start their own denomination.  that's why there are over 30,000 different denominations of Christianity! 

does this tell us something about the current reaction of the Religious Right in our politics?  i think it does.  they will swallow whole whatever their religion feeds them, until they can't take it anymore.  same with government policies.  they've tried to change the gov't (their denomination) in a way they see fit, but since they have failed (so far) they want to quit and start their own gov't.  if they can't "take their country back" they will simply build a new country.  hence the secessionists and the threats of civil war. 

it's just a theory though.  

Interesting parallel, though. Religious memeplexes adapt by mutating, as a model for political involvement. I can see that that style of coping with cognitive dissonance, make a breakaway religion, has worked well. Perhaps we can get religious folk to breakaway into secularism if we offer the social/psychological services to which they're addicted - as in the religion for Atheist movement. Just as cultural learning always involves the easiest, most superficial aspects first such as new foods, fabrics or trinkets we could think about a version of atheism that feels right to former religionists, even though it's reason based.



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