Will Trump’s “Absolute Immunity” Theory Survive in the Courts?

Today’s (19/06/25) NYT says Trump’s theory “has been advanced by presidents of both parties but has never been fully tested in court.”

I doubt that any poly sci professor has ever raised this issue.

Any predictions, or insights?

I have one: we turn to democracy when all other attempts at governing have failed.


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One reason we have all this nonsense now is that people said in the Nixon years that "if the president does it it is not a crime." I beg to differ on this and it is apparent that the GOP laid a foundation to assure that the "Nixon disgrace" did not happen again. Admittedly the courts being filled with cases against the president while he is in office would distract from the job he was elected for, but that job does not give him immunity from commission of crimes. New York will do quite an operation on Trump to test things once he is no longer POTUS. You also have the fact of claims against Trump before he was POTUS coming into play and I dare think that simply being elected at a later time would give him immunity form earlier offenses.




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