Will Trump, With ~10 Obstruction Charges Waiting For Him, Behave?

He talks a hardball game but often backs down.

BTW, if you have a Kindle, Amazon has a 99 cent copy of Mueller's report.

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Why would he?  Even with Mueller and the House of Representatives on his case, all Dolt 45 does is complain and moan and act like the #WhinyLittleBitch which Bill Maher accused him of being years ago.  This is his regular behavior.  It is what he does.

I honestly wonder if he could behave with a loaded gun to his head.

I don't know what to think about Mr. President Donald Trump.

I think he suffers with Afluenza.

Chris, you DO know some of what to think about Trump.

To affluenza add some narcissism and an enormous fear of a loss of affluence.

A  pitifull thing is some people want an authoritan to rule their world.


Thirty years ago, a sociologist said about 33 percent of Americans are authoritarians, half of them hard authoritarians and half of them soft authoritarians.

For info, do a search on “the authoritarians”, a PDF report by a Canadian college professor.




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